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    Pyrokinetic member of Stormwatch.

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    Fahrenheit is a Seedling. She gained her powers due to a comet passing by Earth causing many humans to gain superhuman abilities. When her powers first manifested she caused the deaths of her father and everyone else in her home when she burned it down. She was saved by firefighters. After discovering her story, she was tracked down by Synergy of Stormwatch. She fully activated her fire powers and she soon joined the team.

    Major Story Arcs

    Fahrenheit was a member of Stormwatch Two until it was dissolved by Henry Bendix and she became apart of Stormwatch Red along with Flint and Rose Tattoo. However as a member of Team Red she was sent on a mission to Gamorra island. She was there as retaliation for the deaths of 233 people due to a terrorist attack caused by Kaizen Gamorra. She and Flint were tasked to cause property damage but the Rose Tattoo was sent to kill the exact same number of Gamorrans ordered by Henry Bendix. This event haunted Lauren for some time. Soon after the deaths of the Changers, Bendix went insane and fled Skywatch. Jackson King was promoted to the position of Weatherman and he dismantled Teams Prime and Red, merging them into one team.

    She was dating Hellstrike during this time.


    Several months after the roster change, Skywatch was overrun by Xenomorphs. Fahrenheit becomes a host for one of them and was killed when the alien emerged from her chest. This alien also had her powers.

    Stormwatch PHD

    After the universe was rebooted The Doctor (from The Authority) was able to restore Winter's soul to a cloned body and not entirely explained brought back to life not only Hellstrike, and Fuji but Fahrenheit as well, with little or no memories of how they died.

    She quickly resumed her activies as part of Stormwatch but during a fight with Lord Defile and his minions she was heavily injured and her powers were lost. However she was offered a job as part of the Stormwatch PHD team due to her vast experience.

    The fact Hellstrike was too busy or little interested on checking on her while she was in the hospital put an end to their romantic relationship.

    Defile used her as a mole when he offered her to recover her powers. For a while Lauren provided Defile with some info, but ultimately she betrayed him and managed to regain her powers.

    Powers & Abilities

    Lauren is a Seedling mutant that can generate fire. She can unleash a high-powered blast of fire in a large area, causing massive damage. Also she uses her heat control powers to "fly", her original ability when flying was limited but she learned how to expertise this power.


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