Fahd Alireza

    Character » Fahd Alireza appears in 19 issues.

    Fahd has incredibly destructive powers and is possibly a mutant

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    Fahd Alireza is a resident of Dubai, Saudi Arabia.  In his youth he worked as an assassin for the hand however he grew tired of the life of a killer and fell in love and left their employ to live a peaceful life. His wife soon became pregnant but their happiness would not last.
    One night on his return home he finds Hand ninjas in his house, where they slit the throat of his wife killing her and their unborn child. They tell him that Matsu'o Tsurayaba sends his regards. This causes Fahd to create a massive explosion with his powers. He then makes his way to Japan, seeking revenge. Along the way he clashes with Psylocke and Yukio.

    Skills and abilities

    Trained assassin. His powers appear to be a semblance of pyrotechnics as he is shown commanding fire and creating large fiery explosions. His eyes glow when he uses his powers.

    Physical characteristics

    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Black glow red when power is in use
    weight : unrevealed
    height: 5'8

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