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    An evil frost giant, that later was transformed into a mighty dragon, from Norse mythology.

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    Centuries ago Fafnir was the king of Nastrond, a land in the continent of Asgard. Fafnir was the most evil of his people, who were famous for their immoral and malevolent ways. As punishment for their defiance, Odin devastated the lands of Nostrand and sentenced Fafnir to death. Abandoned to starvation in the wastes of his former kingdom, Fafnir instead found a magical pool that sustained him. Over the centuries, the pool's energies transformed Fafnir into a powerful, gigantic dragon. Similarly did his thirst for vengeance grow.

    Eventually desiring to restore the lands of Nastrond, Odin sent his son, Thor and the Warriors Three to take eliminate Fafnir. Utilizing the powers of the magical pool, Fafnir was able to trick and capture Volstagg. He hoped to draw Thor into battle and avenge himself on Odin by the death of the Skyfather's favored son. Fafnir and Thor battled fiercely, but Thor used his hammer to open up a chasm beneath the dragon, trapping it beneath the ground. Thor freed his friend Volstagg, and Odin restored Nostrand, making it a fertile land once more.


    Fafnir is a character from Norse mythology.

    Major Story Arcs

    Years later, Fafnir was released from his imprisonment by an earthquake, and again came into conflict with the Warriors Three. The dragon later traveled to Earth to revenge himself on Thor. Using his hypnotic powers on Lorelei, Fafnir was able to draw Thor into battle with him. He was defeated once again, and retreated into hiding underground.

    More recently, Fafnir went on a rampage through the South Bronx. He was confronted by Thor and Eilif, the last survivor of a lost Viking colony. Eilif plunged his magical spear into Fafnir's back, wounding the dragon and sending him into a rage. In retaliation, Fafnir slew Eilif. With his mighty strength and magical hammer, Mjolnir, Thor drove the spear further into Fafnir's body, slaying the dragon at long last. Thor summoned lightning to consume Fafnir's body and create a gigantic funeral pyre on which he placed Eilif's body, giving him a proper viking funeral.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a dragon, Fafnir was tremendously strong, able to lift well over 100 tons. He was virtually invulnerably to injury, and was able to exhale powerful mystical flames. He was extremely long-lived, and could subsist indefinitely without food, water, or air.

    The magical pool also endowed Fafnir a few other magical abilities. He could create illusions capable of tricking an observer's senses of sight and hearing. Fafnir also had powerful hypnotic abilities, with which he could take control of those whose willpower was weaker than his own.

    Other Versions

    Ultimate Fafnir

    Fafnir is mentioned by Thor during the battle with the Chitauri and described as being one or possibly the only resident of Nastrond an endless desert on another realm.


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