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An argument with Fanta proves to have dire consequences for Ryang after Mungyeong asks him to help save his skating club by competing in an upcoming match. Ryang is reluctant to agree. After all, it's been years since he's picked up a skateboard. However, when he discovers that the opposing team consists of not one, but three, evil affinities, Ryang decides that he'll skate as if his life depends on it ... which, of course, it does. This is one skating match that gives new meaning to the term 'extreme sport.' Not that Fanta's likely to be any help. She's still sore at Ryang over their fight. But if Fanta won't help, who will? It appears that Fanta's brother, Pain, has taken quite a liking to young Ryang. He's more than willing to help, but when this flamboyant faerie does a man a favor, he expects a 'favor' in return. Ryang had better figure something out, because things are about to get a lot worse. A school mishap causes him to simultaneously lock eyes with a large group of young ladies. By now, Ryang and Fanta have become quite adept at vanquishing evil affinities, but how can they hope to survive against nearly two dozen of them?







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