Fadeaway Man

    Character » Fadeaway Man appears in 38 issues.

    The Fadeaway Man's greatest weapon is his colorful conjure cloak a supposedly arcane garment, but which is more likely to be some kind of teleportation device.

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    While cataloging the collection of the 18th century sorcerer Cagliostro, professor Anton Lamont came across Cagliostro's legendary conjure cloak, a garment of supposed great mystic power. Whether Lamont discovered the cloak by chance or deliberate design is unclear, but regardless, Lamont quickly deduced the means to operate the cloak and embarked upon a new career of crime.

    When Midway City Museum curators Carter and Shiera Hall returned from a long vacation, they found Anton Lamont had taken their place in the interim as part of a scheme to loot the museum of its treasures. In their other identities as Hawkman and Hawkwoman, the Halls confronted Lamont and thwarted his plans although Lamont was able to use his conjure cloak as a means of escape.

    Several months later Lamont resurfaced, this time in Gotham City, where he attempted to auction off the stolen sarcophagus of the Egyptian Hawk-god Horus to the highest bidder. Again his plans were opposed by Hawkman, this time with the help of Batman. Lamont was captured and the conjure cloak seemed to vanish of its own accord.

    Fadeaway Man later joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains.


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