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    Fade is a "Bang Baby" and member of the Blood Syndicate

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    The brother of Flashback, Fade is a homosexual, but still in the closet, scared of how his fellow gang members would treat him if they found out. He had feelings for Tech-9 (which probably went unrequited), whom he started the gang called Force Syndicate with and eventually the Blood Syndicate. Fade is also at odds with his father, even after having saved his life from Bubbasaurus

    Thanks to Robert Thompson for clarifying Fade's powers with the "wave" description. He points out that he and his sister are linked by time as well as blood, since she is a particle and he a wave, both manipulating time in different ways. Thanks to "Moe" for providing his real name. Thanks to Danny Sichel for additional information and corrections.

    It is later discovered in "Static Shock: Rebirth of the Cool" that Fade needs his sister around him in order to stay "anchored" in present time.

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    Fade joined his sister as apart of Holocaust's incarnation of the Blood Syndicate. It was his specific job to lure Icon in to an ambush. Along with his sister and Boogieman, Fade set up for Wise Son's reappearance and Holocaust's official challenge to be leader. After Holocaust is defeated, Fade follows his sister and stays under Wise Son as the rightful leader of the Blood Syndicate.


    Able to turn invisible, to fly, pass through objects, and see a few seconds into the future. Fade is a wave, in that his body is "spread out" over a three second period. Therefore he is somewhere between tangible and intangible: when he strikes you, his fists and/or feet appear to pass thru your body, but three seconds later, you know he's hit you.! He also has the nasty ability of being able to enter a body and solidify himself inside it (like "The Vision" of Marvel's "Avengers").

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