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    A member of the A-Team, Face serves as the team's second in command, con artist and procurer of supplies.

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    Templeton Arthur "Faceman" Peck was an orphan, abandoned by his parents at an early age, though he was later revealed to be the son of a white-collar criminal, A.J. Bancroft. He was raised in a Catholic orphanage, and is implied to have briefly considered becoming a priest. However, he joined the US Army Special Forces, rising to the rank of Lieutenant and eventually becoming a member of the A-Team, where he is second in command to Colonel Hannibal, though actually ranked below Captain Murdock. Following the team's arrest and disgrace he joined them in acting as soldiers of fortune.


    Face was created by Frank Lupo and Stephen J Cannell.

    Major Story Arcs

    Throughout the various series, Face acts as the team's second in command and scrounger. Often he is sidetracked from the plot by pretty women, and must be reminded to stay on task by Hannibal.

    Powers and Abilities

    Face is a master con artist, able to get just about anything from just about anybody. It is often said by the team that if Face can't get something, no one can. He uses a variety of cons and hustles to get what he wants from people, using his natural charm and sharp mind, as well as his physical attractiveness, to gain their confidences and put them off their guard. In his spare time, Face creates and maintains a variety of supposedly wealthy personalities that he is able to slip into flawlessly when need be. He is good with numbers, and deals with the team's pay and other money matters. He thinks quickly on his feet and always has the perfect excuse. He is a talented lock pick, showing proficiency in breaking a number of doors, locks and safes throughout the series. He also has a substantial level of fighting skill, both armed and unarmed, and he is familiar with a variety of weapons due to his time in the army.

    In Other Media

    Faceman was first played in the pilot episode of the original show by Tim Dunigan. However, he was determined to appear too young, and was too much taller than the rest of the cast. He was replaced by Dirk Benedict, who played Face for the rest of the series. In the 2010 movie, which maintained his suave persona while adding some impressive tactical skills, he was played by actor Bradley Cooper. Dirk Benedict appeared briefly in a post-credits scene.


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