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Worth tracking down for a read.

(NOTE: This review was written on my phone, so if any weird formatting issues appear that's why.) I'm going to keep this short, Face is probably going to throw you for a subtle loop If you read it like you would a random comic that you came across serendipitously. You'll still be pleasantly surprised by how well written it is and probably in awe of how much Milligan gets done with such short space. Your socks shall be gone and on the floor as you see Feregdo's art, which is great here. If you really take the time to look and see what you could take from this you'll be pleasantly surprised. You get a fair bit of stuff to chew on and take your own conclusions on plus a whole lot of plastic surgery jargon which may or may not be total malarkey, convincing malarkey either way. So, just a short review for a short comic. Here's to hoping this and Egypt get collected soon.

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