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    A character who first appeared in Detective Comics #821. Created by Paul Dini

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    Facade I

    Erik Hanson initially appeared as a busboy for Gotham pereginator's club but was later helped to steal from the rich members with a butler named Edward. Erik and Edward made a plan to infiltrate the higher society, using Edwards information and Eriks gang. They changed their appearance to match that of their targets.

    After a string of robberies, Batman managed to trace the thefts back to the gangs meeting place. Although guarded by automated mannequins equipped with guns, Batman single handedly arresting the entire team, minus Erik, who returned to the club. Batman realized that the butler must be behind it, and returned to the pereginator's club and fought Erik. Noting that Erik possesed a high level of strength, Batman beat him none the less, and then arrested both Erik and Edward.

    During the forming of the plan Erik Hanson took on the identity of Facade. As Facade, Erik wore a gray and red suit, finished by a mask made from a reflective material.

    Facade must have possesed high intellect to build the mannequins, but hasn't been mentioned as a "Superhuman".

    Facade II

    When Luthor hired Slade to protect him from an assignation attempt, he never expected the attempt to come from his new assistant Nava Medelssohn, who was really an assassin who called him self Facade. Slade realizes what's going on and shoot Facade in the head and decapitates him but Facade remains alive.

    Facade changes forms in Slade and Cheshire before Slade realizes Facade is more machine then man and takes him out with a Electromagnetic Wave Bomb. Luthor then takes Facade back to Luthor Labs and runs tests on him for all his employees to see and as a warning to anyone else who might attempt to assassinate him.

    Powers & Weaknesses

    Facade II, is more machine then man and is able to change shape to match his target perfectly. He is able to survive a bullet to the head and decapitation. He is also able to go toe to toe with Osiris's superhuman strength.

    Weaknesses- Weak against Electromagnetism.


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