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Fables is the Vertigo Hot Series!

If you have not read fables, then you did not get the memo.  Consider this the memo received.
Public Domain characters are growing in popularity because anyone can write story dealing with someone like Little Red Riding Hood.  Bill Willingham happened to notice this trend (back in 2002) before it was over saturated and create his Fables universe.
Now Fables is the leader in Public Domain characters.  This first trade collects the first 5 issues of the acclaimed series and no since Sandman has there been so many non-comic or non-superhero book readers reading this series.
This book is a nice set up of what Fables is about.
If you are reading fables then I am glad you got the memo.  For those who want to read a great series and don't know where to start, Fables is a great series.  Its trade is at the Vertigo introduction price of $10 and they are like on there 5 printing or something huge like that, so people are buying it.
So check out Legends in Exile, you will like this, trust me.
 - Silkcuts

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