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Turn off the Dark

Maddy spies on Mister Dark as his plans to erect a sinister tower and build a legion of Withers (zombified people who have had some strange connection with the Fables) continues. The North Wind arrives to plead with Mister Dark to stop what he's doing or face a duel with a powerful witch that could end in mass catastrophe. What is the importance of these dead people who have encountered Fables in their past lives? What sinister plan does the building and army of Withers hold? And can Mister Dark really be defeated in an all out duel?

Written by Bill Willingham, drawn by Inaki Miranda, and published by VERTIGO, this issue of Fablesfelt a little out of place for me. I admit, it was the first one I had ever read, but it has captivated my attention. I'm avidly awaiting an ordered copy of the first trade paperback, and I'm trying to learn as much about the series as possible. The artwork, tone, and pace of the story felt like a huge event as I read it. It was almost like watching a cinematic masterpiece on a paneled page.

I realize that this isn't the latest issue of Fables, but it was the only issue my local comic book store had on the rack. I'm eager to catch up and immerse myself in a series that people have been talking about for years.

Back to this issue of the series, which was strong enough to make me want to invest my time and money into the entire ongoing title. Willingham obviously has a deep love of comics and popular fables, and blends the two together so well you would have sworn they were originally comic book characters.

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