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You're my boy Blue

Although this issue certainly isn't one of Fables strongest it highlights Billingham's ability as a writer to lend potency and drama to his characters without making them over the top. This issue deals primarily with Boy Blue as he lays dying at the farm. The interactions between Fly Catcher and boy blue are tender but  the best part of the issue arrives when Blue confronts Rose Red about her romantic and emotional problems. Blue's speech is both brutual in its bluntness and tender in the real affection and love he demonstrates for Rose Red. Honestly it is one of the better "confrontation" moments in entertainment. It has high dramatic value, but without all the scmaltz you see in most films and movies (I'm talking to you Good Will hunting). On the other more viciously evil side of the coin Mr.Dark arrives in the ruins of Fabletown in a model T ford and full 1920's get up. Almost immediately he summons his two undead minnions to begin building him a new castle from the rubble of Fabletown. In the process, he discovers Kay amoung lying in the amoungst the destroyed buildings. Remeber Kay? The guy who can see everyone's sins, well apparently being blind makes it hard to get out of a collapsing building.  Without spoliing anything Kay is "coerced" into becoming a servant for Mr.Dark, who just gets creepier by the second. Let's put it this way he has a penchant for teeth like the Corinthian had one for eyes. If you haven't figurered out already this issue won't make you feel happy but you'll put it down feeling satisfied at Blue's life

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