Fables #7

    Fables » Fables #7 - The Guns of Fabletown: Part Two of Animal Farm released by DC Comics on January 2003.

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    Part Two of Animal Farm

    The plan of the revolution begins to take shape. With Colin the Pig already dead, what is in store for Snow White and her sister, Rose Red?

    The decapitated head of Colin the Pig is taken down off its stake. Snow wonders how this could've happened since she and Rose left the Three Pigs safely the night before. Dun says he went to bed early and was unaware that Colin had left. He tells Snow that Colin was always sneaking around. Snow tells him that they will have an investigation and is going to call Bigby to the Farm. Dun reminds her that the Fabletown Charter guarantees that Bigby will never be allowed to step foot on the Farm. Dun says that since he's been elected as the new Administer since Weyland Smith resigned, he'll conduct the investigation. Snow tells him that he can't conduct the investigation because he and Posey are prime suspects since they lived with Colin. Then she asks again what happened to Weyland. Dun said he just quit and it was ridiculous that a human looking Fable was left in charge of the Farm.

    Rose asks Posey if they've found the rest of Colin. Posey says no but they should have a talk in private. It seems that Rose may by sympathetic to their cause against the Adversary. At the same time, Goldilocks, Papa Bear, and Mamma Bear are getting a grave ready for Colin's body. It turns out that it was Goldilocks idea to put the head on display as a message for their revolution. She says they needed something to get those undecided to join their side in the revolt or they'd suffer the consequences. As Colin's body is being buried, Reynard the Fox catches a whiff of "freshly killed pork" and questions their motives. Goldilocks pulls a gun on him, saying he's seen too much. Papa Bear stops her because everyone would hear the shot and Reynard gets away. Posey brings Rose to a cave beyond the Farm full of weapons.

    Back in the city, Bigby and Blue check to see if the Forsworn Knight has sobered up after drinking with Bufkin. The Knight begins telling a prophesy. He mentions the upcoming revolt with the north (the Farm) and the south (the city). Bibgy questions whether he's just predicting the Civil War since he killed himself in the Thirteenth Century. The Forsworn Knight also says that "sister shall take arms against sister." Bigby again says that's old news since they've bee fighting for centuries.

    Back at their room, Snow is looking for the keys to the truck. When Rose arrives, she asks where she's been all day. Rose tells her she won't find the keys and that the phone lines have all been cut. She tells her that they won't be allowed to leave. She then takes her bag and walks outside with Dun and some others.

    Goldilocks, Posey, the Bears, and others are still on the hunt for Reynard. Goldilocks reveals that she plans on ruling over both communities in Fabletown when the others return to reclaim the homelands. Other Fables including Shere Khan and Baghera are also helping in the search for Reynard. Khan says that Reynard must be close because he recently caught a whiff of him. It turns out that Baghera saw Reynard hiding and begins to chase him. Poor Reynard, in his escape, almost runs into Shere Khan. By jumping over Khan, Baghera accidentally runs into the back of Khan. This causes Shere Khan to start a fight with Baghera. Reynard thinks that it was almost too easy getting away from them.

    All over the Farm, the Fables begin to arm themselves. Alone in her room, Snow is unsure what to do over all the insanity. Reynard appears at her window and tells her she needs to get out of there right away. He tells her to move it or lose it. There are still some Fables that are loyal to her. She needs to just leave without packing so it looks like she will be back.


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