Fables #58

    Fables » Fables #58 - Big Scary Monsters, Part Two of Father and Son released by DC Comics on April 2007.

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    Concluding the 2-part "Father and Son," featuring phenomenal art by Mike Allred (Madman). Bigby, Snow and the entire flock of cubs are back in the homelands, visiting Bigby's dad at the North Wind's Keep. Snow has put her foot down, demanding that Bigby work out his differences with his father, so that the cubs can have their beloved granddad back in their lives. But some sins aren't easy to forgive.

    At the homelands, Bigby rushes out to save Ambrose. His siblings are unaware that he is about to be eaten by six creatures. Bigby transforms into full wolf form and takes on the creatures. As Bigby fights he tells Ambrose to run and find his siblings and return to the castle. When the fight is over, they head back to see their father. They find him wounded but he says he'll be fine. At his feet are six wolves instead of the creatures. He reveals to his children that these wolves are their uncles.

    Back at the castle, North Wind tells Bigby and Snow that his brothers have been living in the woods below his castle for some time now. He tells them that this was why he couldn't interfere. He says a father cannot choose between his children. BIgby and Snow are outraged. They tell him that any "half-decent" father would support the good children over the bad ones. Bigby says he will deal with his brothers now. North Wind has given up his right over them by his complacent behavior.

    Speaking to his father in private, he tells him that he's going to keep him to his word. Bigby expects North Wind to clear out all the dangers of that land before they visit again. Surprised that he is willing to return with his family, Bigby tells him that the cubs have no idea that their grandfather is a coward. He says if they "can't have a real grandfather, at least they can enjoy the illusion of one."

    Bigby tells his brothers that he is going to punish them for their actions. Forcing them to take the shape of goldfish, the cubs each get one of the six goldfish that are to stay in a tiny fishbowl at Wolf Manor.


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    Getting The Kids Out Of Trouble 0

    So sometimes parents think they are doig whats best for their kids, and instead accidently put them into mortal danger. I can't count how many times that has happened to me. Last Issue Bigby Wolf sent his cubs into the forrest to stalk and practice their hunting skills. While talking to his father this issue he discovers that the forrest is filled with all sorts of creatures. So basically we get page after page of Bigby, or in this case, the big bad wolf, going head to head with a pack of mons...

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