Fables #50

    Fables » Fables #50 - Happily Ever After released by DC Comics on August 2006.

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    Bigby has arrived at Fabletown and taken directly to the Farm. There he is shown to the most remote section of a farm, where a magic beanstalk is grown.

    He is told that they are transdimensional, and that his contact is already at the top. He is given his gear and written instructions, then he begins his climb.

    It takes him a few days to reach the top. When he does at first he is afraid to let go. When he hears the voice of Cinderella behind him, he finally does.

    They are taken to the land of the giants where he finds out that their Kingdom is simultaneously over every sky, and while the only way in from the bottom is by using a magic beanstalk. The portals to go down are always open, so all they need to get to the adversary is gravity.

    With a simple night drop parachuting, Bigby begins the dangerous mission to actually confront the adversary known now to everyone as Geppetto.

    First Bigby plants some seeds, then begins his journey. When he is outside of Geppetto's home he quietly kills all the guards, and breaks into the adversary's home. He sees Pinocchio and offers to take him home, but Pinocchio has a loyalty spell placed on him.

    Geppetto awakes, and Bigby tells him that he has a message from Fabletown. From now on every time Geppetto hurts them, they will hurt him back but worse.

    With that he shows Geppetto a detonator, and tells him that it is Mundy Magic. He then blows up the enchanted forest Geppetto makes his wooden soldiers from.

    He then runs back to the drop point, where there now stands a giant beanstalk. As he climbs he is pursued by Geppetto's men. But once he hits the top, he hits another button destroying the Beanstalk behind him.

    Back at the Farm he is told that he has earned a stretch of land outside the farm, where he and Snow can raise their family. Bigby and Snow meet, and he shows her their new land, and proposes marriage to her. The Fabletown people then get together and throw a huge wedding for the both of them.


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    Of Beanstalks, Giants, Homelands and Weddings 0

    Fables is one of the most respected comic books in modern age (one of the proofs of this statement is that next month it will reach the 100th issue landmark) and this issue (# 50) is a water divisor. Willianghan´s skill of developing a cohesive, interesting and emotional tale from our childhood´s fables stories is put not to a test in this issue, but just another show of how easy he can handle his stuff and how well arranged is his scripts. This issue is focused in Bigby Wolf and Snow White (for...

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