Fables #4

    Fables » Fables #4 - Chapter Four: Remembrance Day released by Vertigo on October 2002.

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    In which everyone dresses up to the nines, old stories are retold and the wolf takes a swim.

    Remembrance Day has arrived. All of the Fables gather for the annual ball. Beauty wants to buy lottery tickets to win the rights to land and title in the homeland. Beast says that they already have their own worthless lands that they cannot access because of the Adversary. Beauty points out that those lands were his. She wants something of her own since she grew up a peasant girl. Prince Charming stands back next to Snow admiring all of the Fables eager to buy a ticket. Snow is still cold as ever with Charming. As she heads upstairs, she tells him to enjoy his final night as a former somebody before becoming just another nobody.

    In the ballroom, King Cole tells of the history of the Fables. All of the kingdoms they belonged too, all of the different people and occupations. They became united when they were invaded by the Adversary. They were forced to flee until they came to live in the Mundane world. They put aside all of their differences and grudges to become one strong community. Everyone raises a glass to toast the homelands, even those in private homes and up at the Farm.

    As the party continues, guest mingle with each other. Cinderella finds Pinocchio sitting alone in a fowl mood. He tells her that he hates the celebrations each year. When she asks why he shows up every year, he says it's because he knows that eventually the Blue Fairy that turned him into a real boy will show up. He wants to kick her ass. Cinderella is surprised because she thought he wanted to be a real live boy. Pinocchio says he did. The problem is, he is over three centuries old and still hasn't reached puberty. He says he wants to grow up, have his "balls drop and get laid."

    In Bigby's office, he allows Jack and Bluebeard to go and enjoy the end of the party. He is going to allow Blubeard to clean himself up in order to deliver his annual donation and wants Jack to deliver a message to one of the guests. Shortly, Bigby himself cleans up and meets Snow. He tries dancing with her but has never tried before. Bigby soon regrets the decision as they become the center of everyone's attention. He suggests they get something to eat instead. Snow mentions that most of the good stuff has probably been eaten already but she knows a trick the caterers do. They steal and save the really good stuff for themselves and lock it up in the back. Then they sneak it home. Bigby then says to Snow that she has helped him solve the final part in the mystery of Rose's disappearance. Since Rose liked to party so much with Fables and Mundys, that is why she had a padlock for her freezer. Snow doesn't really get what that has to do with anything. Bigby says it's not a big deal, just the only part he wasn't really sure about. He asks Snow if she wants to know who killed Rose and she says of course. He tells her to spread the word discretely to anyone interested to meet him on King Cole's terrace after the lottery drawing.

    Bigby takes this time to enjoy a swim in King Cole's pool. Jack arrives. It turns out that he won the lottery after buying a ticket for the heck of it. The others gather and Bigby begins telling the story. He tells Jack to bring in the "villain." Snow is surprised that the killer is there. Bigby knew the killer wouldn't be able to resist going to the celebration. Jack comes escorting a woman. Bigby announces her as the killer and removes a wig revealing that the killer is none other than Rose Red, herself.

    Everyone is shocked. They all demand to know what is going on. Bigby tells everyone to calm down and he will explain everything to them.


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