Fables #1

    Fables » Fables #1 - Chapter One: Old Tales Revisited released by DC Comics on July 2002.

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    In which we meet many of our principal players and get just the first hint or two of some of the myriad troubles to come.

    In a "fictional land" called New York City, Jack speedily arrives at the Woodland Luxury Apartments. He rushes up to the security office of Bigby Wolf. Out of breath, he wants to report a terrible crime.

    Nearby, in the Business office of Snow White, Beauty and the Beast have some problems of their own. Lord Beast has been having trouble maintaining his human form. He says it is based on Beauty's mood. The more she is mad at him, the more beastly he becomes. Snow, as the Director of Operations, basically tells them they need to deal with their marriage problems on their own. She coldly tells them that even if their operations could afford to give them marriage counseling, she still wouldn't allow it. They have no way to collect taxes for their operations. They have to rely on donations. She tells them that if Beast cannot maintain his human form, he has to either buy a glamor from one of the witches or he can relocate upstate to the Farm (where the other nonhuman Fables live). Beauty is upset. She says they had to escape from the Homelands and lost their fortune. Snow reminds them that most of the Fables lost everything when escaping from the Adversary. When they mention that Snow isn't the Mayor and can't make judgment over them, she reminds them that as the Deputy Mayor, she does have some control. What would happen is if they made an appointment with the mayor, King Cole, he'd go to her for her recommendation and she would tell him the same thing. Snow is the one that does all the real work.

    Beauty's last resort is to mention that Snow has no idea what married life is like. She divorced Prince Charming centuries ago. Beast tries to tell her not to get personal. When Beauty mentions that Snow shouldn't be judging them because of the rumors of her "adventures" with the seven dwarves, Snow's face becomes rigid. Her secretary, Boy Blue, quickly comes and tells them that Snow has another appointment and they really need to get going. As he ushers them out, Beauty says they weren't finished. He says they were if she had any hope of surviving her last comment. He says you should never bring up the dwarves to Snow. Bigby comes up and asks if she's in. He tells Bigby that Snow is in a bad mood. Bigby says he's about to make it worse.

    In a restaurant, Prince Charming has come back into town. He has been flirting with his waitress, Molly. He mentions how he would love ask her for her number and she says she'd be tempted to give it. He says that it would cause an awkward moment because since he doesn't have any money, he was planning on skipping out on his dinner. Thinking about it, she says that she would have to cover it anyways so she decides to pay for it and they head over to her place as soon as she gets off.

    In Snow's office, Bigby tries to prepare her for his bad news. She says she already knows her ex is in town. He says it's about her sister, Rose Red. She has been reported missing and may be the victim in a violent crime. Her boyfriend, Jack, reported that her apartment has been trashed. Snow says that's normal. Rose loves to have wild parties and a trashed apartment isn't anything new. Bigby tells her that there's a lot of blood there. He's about to go over and investigate. Snow insists on going with him. He tells her he doesn't think that's a good idea. She says that his only other choice would be to clean out his office and leave the building.

    As they take a cab over to Rose's apartment, Prince Charming is getting it on with his new friend. Bigby tells Snow that he had Jack go and stand guard over Rose's place. When Snow mentions that he could be tainting the crime scene if he was responsible for Rose's disappearance, Bigby says if he wanted to, he would've done that before telling him. They find Jack sitting outside the apartment. He says he couldn't stand to go back inside for a second time. Opening the door, they see that the place is covered with blood. On the wall, written in blood, is "No more Happily Ever After." Bigby tells them to stay outside as he goes inside. He doesn't want any "Mundy cops" to see or know anything.

    As Bigby looks around, Snow asks him why he's just standing there when he should check her room. Jack says he already looked there. Bigby checks the place out. He sees the blood everywhere. Furniture knocked over. Going into the (spotless) kitchen, he seems curious to find a padlock that used to be on the freezer. Seeing that it belonged on there, he says, "Ah Ha!"

    Going out to the hall, he slams Jack against the wall and says he's bringing him in. Jack asks what for and Bigby says, whatever, it could be for resisting arrest. Jack curses and takes a swing at him. Now he can add attempted assault to the charges. Snow asks if he's the one. Bigby says, "We'll see."


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