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    Fabiola Iglesias is the second maid to the Lovelace family as well as a high experience combatant. She helps Garcia track down Roberta after she goes off on a murder mission.

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    Fabiola Iglesias is one of eleven siblings who grew up in the Barrios of Caracas, Venezuela. She grew up there but with no place to gain an education. She did learn Capoeira by watching one of her siblings who attended the dojos and practicing on her own. One of her distant relations was a farmer of the prestigious Lovelace Family. When their profits increases from the mining, Fabiola was able to gain employment as a maid.

    While working she was still bale to gain a level of education and worked diligently under the kind family head, Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace. She worked under the guidance of the head maid Roberta, and served the young master of the house, Garcia Lovelace.


    Fabiola Iglesias (ファビオラ・イグレシアス, Fabiora Igureshiasu) is a supporting character in the Black Lagoon series that was created by Rei Hiroe. The series first began serialization in Shogakukan's Sunday GX magazine on April 19, 2002.

    Her first appearance was in Black Lagoon Volume 6 CH. 45 "El Baile de la Muerte PT.II".

    Character Evolution

    Major Story Arcs

    El Baile de La Muerte

    After the assassination of Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace, Roberta went on the hunt for his killers, and Garca went after her with Fabiola. She took some of Roberta's weapons, and they traveled to Roanapur. She went to the Yellow Flag bar to try and find member of the Lagoon Company for Garcia. This inadvertently became a gunfight becasue she failed to notice some in the room were from the Colombians, who were after Roberta. Fabiola defeated them until they destroyed much of the bar and ran. Fabiola traveled with the Lagoon Company back to the hotel, but found Mr Chang, the head of the Triad already talking with Garcia. They were looking to hire Rock to help find Roberta.

    Rock eventually consented and they began their search. The search eventually led back to the Yellow Flag's owner, who met with Roberta and gave him the name of an information broker. She was hiding while someone was gathering weapons and information on the US Black-Ops team that was somewhere in town. Revy, from the Lagoon Company, hired some mercenaries to help in what became a war in the back streets. Fabiola got separated from Garcia, but they still found dead gangsters and soldiers from Roberta's rampage. When Fabiola found Roberta, she was half crazed due to her recent drug use and thought they were back home before walking away. Fabiola later found Garcia with the Grey Fox Squad, then they traveled with the Lagoon Company with Grey Fox to their next mission in Laos. They knew Roberta would follow, and Rock suggested a plan.

    While Roberta was in the jumgles of Laos killing the Grey Fox team one by one. Garcia spoke to her through the radios to meet with them. Caxton, leader of Grey Fox, came with Garcia and Fabiola. The plan was for Garcia to shoot Caxton with a rubber bullet to try and shock Roberta. Fabiola watched as Garcia and Roberta aimed at each other before they both fired. Garcia was hit, and this snapped Roberta out of her delusions. After Caxton got up, they all went back to the Lagoon Company's ship, and Fabiola shot Rock with his rubber bullets. She told him he was well fit for the city of villains since his plan could have very well gotten them all killed. They then returned to their home in Venezuela.

    Powers & Abilities


    Fabiola is a self trained fighter in the Brazilian martial arts style known as Capoeira. She's not formally trained, but learned from watching one of her siblings who attended the dojos. She trained on her own and is skilled enough to take out a gang of armed cartel members.

    Weapons & Equipment

    MAG-7 x 2

    MAG-7 Shotguns
    MAG-7 Shotguns

    Fabiola uses a pair of modified MAG-7 shotguns that are owned by Roberta. This shotgun was developed in South Africa as a close quarters weapon that combined aspects of a sub-machine gun and a pump action shotgun. Each weighs 4 kg (8.2 lbs.), it's 550 mm (21.6 in.) long, and can hold 5 /12 gauge x 60 mm cartridges. The removed stock and shortened barrel allows it to be better concealed.after her.

    EX 41 Grenade Launcher

    EX 41 Grenade Launcher
    EX 41 Grenade Launcher

    The EX 41 grenade launcher pump-action grenade launcher is another weapon owned by Roberta, but she is never seen using it in the series. This is a United States developed weapon by the Special Projects Division of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center, which provided equipment to Navy SEALs. It weighs 4.63 kg (10.21 lbs.) loaded, it's 875 mm (34.4 in) long, and can fire 15 rounds per minute. It uses a 3-round tubular magazine.

    Other Media


    Black lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail (2010)

    Black lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail is the third season of the anime was sold as direct to market OVA and El Baile de La Muerte story arc from the Black Lagoon manga. The series was directed by Sunao Katabuchi and produced by MADHouse Studios. The first episode released on July 17, 2010. A production delay would push back the fifth episode to July 22, 2011. Fabiola's first anime appearance was in Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail - Episode 25 "Collateral Massacre". Her character in the Japanese series is voiced by Yuki Inoue, and the English dub has yet to be announced.


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