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    Witch-man of Limbo Town and Klarion's stepfather

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    A son of Limbo Town, Ezekiel married Charity Bleak after the disappearance and presumed death of her previous husband.


    Ezekiel was created by Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving. He made his first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Klarion #1

    Major Story Arcs

    Seven Soldiers of Victory

    Ezekiel awakens his father to act as the newest grundyman for Limbo Town. He speaks to Klarion, his stepson, about the world above and rebellion, but cautions the boy against speaking too strongly in favour of heresy or revolution. Later, he accompanies most of the men of Limbo Town to take their harvest to High Market. On the way to High Market, he and all the other men are attacked and killed by the Horigal.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ezekiel is a witch-man, capable of wielding magic to a variety of effects, including energy projection and necromancy. He possesses an innate psychic bond with his familiar, a raven, and is able to see through its eyes.


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