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    The son of Tony Stark’s late business rival and archenemy Obadiah Stane.

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    Ezekiel is the megalomaniac son of the late Obadiah Stane, also known as Iron Monger.

    He share similarities with Tony Stark/Iron man, but he is younger, more intelligent and much more ruthless. He is described as a kind of sociopathic futurist, an opportunistic super-villain who exploits the modern corporate run, greed-driven society to further his own ends. Ezekiel seeks revenge against Tony Stark for his father's death.


    Ezekiel Stane was created by Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson and first appeared in The Order #8 (2008).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Order

    In his plans for revenge against Tony Stark, Ezekiel manipulated forces to try and discredit and destroy The Order, Tony's newest super-team, but failed to accomplish this. Failing that, Stane turned his sights on Stark himself and engages him for the first time in battle.

    Upgrading Body

    Stane claims to have completely abandoned the idea of using armor as a source of special powers, instead he uses his special technology called bio-upgrades. Upgrading the human body itself, he has turned over most of his body's heat and bio-electricity to power special repulsor ray protectors built into his hands allowing him to fire blasts of energy and charged particles from his fingertips, basically an organic analogue to Iron Man's energy weapons. He also has gradually turned himself into a superhuman cyborg, gaining a superhuman regenerative power and enhanced strength, allowing him to deal with Iron Man on a one-on-one basis, though he still requires a "suit" for extra protection as seen when he fought Iron Man during the "Five Nightmares" storyline, this isn't exactly armor, but a "uniform" used to protect his body from the heat he produces when converting his heat signatures into energy. Also he was eventually defeated, despite coming arguably closer than his father did to succeeding in destroying Tony Stark. After defeating Ezekiel, Stark rubs salt on Stane's wound by saying Ezekiel's father, Obadiah, was "smarter than [Ezekiel]. And harder to beat." Although Tony only said this to hurt Ezekiel as Tony admits to himself that Ezekiel was right about him being the future.


    Genius-level intellect: Ezekiel is extremely intelligent with prodigious skill in engineering, repurposing Stark technology. Outside his technological expertise, Stane is a capable tactical planner, waging a war on Stark with a small operation and out thinking Tony.

    Cybernetically augmented body: Ezekiel’s cybernetics gave him immense superhuman strength and durability, battling the Extrimis Iron Man suit to a standstill. His built in repulsor tech matched the Iron Man’s armo’s and he frequently utilized them to kill multiple opponents.

    Healing Factor: Ezekiel has a very strong healing factor, recovering from third degree burns in a matter of hours.

    Repulsor Ray "implants"


    Weight: 234 lbs (at normal size), 456 lbs (armored)

    Eyes: Blue (Stane), Silver (armor)

    Hair: Black (Stane), bald (armored)

    Height: 6'2" (unarmored) 6'7" (armored)

    Other Media


    Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore

    Ezekiel in the film
    Ezekiel in the film

    Ezekiel will appear as the lead villain in the film, voiced by Eric Bauza in the English dub and by Miyu Irino in the original Japanese version. He is the creator of an advanced piece of bio-technology known as Technovore, which he plans to unleash upon the world. He is defeated by Iron Man and War Machine at the close of the film, and is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.


    Avengers Assemble (2016)

    While not appearing in the show, in the third season, he's mentioned as one of the rivals of Tony Stark listed at the debut of the Avengers Museum.

    Video Games

    Iron Man 3: The Official Game

    Ezekiel in the video game
    Ezekiel in the video game

    Ezekiel appears as a boss character in the game, voiced by Tom Wayland. In the game, he is partnered with M.O.D.O.K. (Aldrich Killian) and Living Laser.


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