Eyeshield 21 #10

    Eyeshield 21 » Eyeshield 21 #10 - Makeinu wa Iru Ka released by Shueisha on October 9, 2004.

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    Proper Japanese Title: 負け犬はいるか

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 080. "The Highest Point in Japan" (日本で一番高い場所 "Nippon De Ichiban Takai Dasho")
    • Chapter 081. "Shin vs. Panther" (進VSパンサー "Shin VS Pansā")
    • Chapter 082. "7,500 Miles in Search of a Friend" (仲間を探して三千里 "Nakama O Sagashi Te San Senri")
    • Chapter 083. "Things That Must Be Protected, Things That Can Be Protected" (守る者 守らざる者 "Mamoru Mono Mamora Zaru Mono")
    • Chapter 084. "Signs of a Ghost" (ゴーストの胎動 "Gōsuto no Taidō")
    • Chapter 085. "Diamonds in the Rough" (ダイヤの原石たち "Daiya no Genseki Tachi")
    • Chapter 086. "Is There a Loser in the House?" (負け犬はいるか "Makeinu wa Iru Ka")
    • Chapter 087. "Las Vegas, City of Lights" (光の街ラスベガス "Kō no Machi Rasubegasu")
    • Chapter 088. "Black Jack Is 21" (BLACK JACKは21 "BLACK JACK wa 21")


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    Story Arcs

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