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    Hardcore Station 

    One day, Max receives a call from Dolly, the precinct's police band, who has just informed Max of the arrival of an infamous pirate ship on Hardcore Station. The Enigma has supposedly been involved in the destruction of several ships and Max can't understand how this ship managed to get docking clearance. Max heads to docking bay 9W and is shocked that the Enigma is no bigger than an escape pod. From Max's perspective, it doesn't seem possible that the Enigma could be allegedly responsible for so much devastation.  

    Max is approached by the ship's first mate who goes by the alias of Seek. Seek has robotic crew members and Max notices one of them is patching into the station's central computer. Max hassles Seek on whether or not he has a permit to jack in to the station's grid because Seek's robot could access secured zones within Hardcore which could financially jeopardize the station. Suddenly, Synnar (Tarsus) apears right behind Max and explains his purpose on Hardcore Station. Synnar says he is gathering research from the station's grid in order to perform the holy labors that his deity has assigned him.  

    Max didn't believe Synnar's story for a second so he started spying on Synnar. Synnar went to Wel Cen, the medical facility on Hardcore Station because one of Synnar's associates found a possible canidate for the dark soul that Synnar needed to bring about change in the universe. Unfortunately, Max's stakeout is compromised by the League of Insect Assassins. Someone hired the assassins to attack Max and Synnar at Wel Cen. Max kills most of the assassins and Synnar transforms the remaining two into salt. 

    Max decides Synnar is too unpredicatable to be kept on Hardcore so he goes to the Traplaneteur Corporate Security to request Synnar's immediate deportation. However, the supervisor of corporate security denies Max's request because Synnar is actually an invited guest on Hardcore. Since the representatives of Hardcore won't help with Synnar's removal from the station, Max takes the initiative by entering the Enigma to dig up some dirt on Synnar. Max soon discovers that Synnar possesses the ability to create multiple dimensional layering. In other words, the Enigma looks like a small craft on the outside but on the inside, there is a vast network of corridors, levels and chambers.  

    Max travels through the Enigma's ventilation system and plants a wire tap in the ship's network junction box so he can listen in on all of Synnar's conversations. The wire tap also acts as a wireless terminal so Dolly can download any technical specs from the Enigma. Dolly learns that the Enigma has two teleporation systems: one for Synnar's personal use and the other is used to transport the ship anywhere without the need of hyperdrive. Unfortunately, Synnar sensed Max's presence on the Enigma so he sends Eye to teach him a lesson about trespassing. 

    Even though he was badly bruised from his encounter with Eye, Max still made his way back to the precinct. Dolly treats Max's wounds and informs him that there has been a murder at Engen, one of Hardcore's leading energy producers. Max conducts a full investigation in the executive office of Harlan Eltor, the CEO of Engen. From what the crime examiners could deduce, Eltor was fried by some radiation burst and his skeleton was the only evidence left after the crime was committed. Max knew Synnar was behind this but he couldn't prove it so he asks Dolly to find a possible motives that Synnar would have against Engen.  

    The obvious motive would be Synnar's involvement in Hardcore's new technologies which included renewable energy sources but Dolly does come up with an alternative motive. It seems Eltor made sizable transfers of funds to three outer rim banks which is the usual method for paying off members of the League of Insect Assassins. It was Eltor who hired the insectoids to attack Synnar at WelCen. Dolly decides to go to the outer rims and investigate any holdings Synnar may have while Max observes Seek's activities. 

    Seek and Find have been constructing the energy collection system for Entreplaneteur's Inc but Max knows the system will only work for Synnar when it is completed. Unfortunately for Dolly, she finds a cascade bomb which is programmed to detonate thereby destroying any incriminating evidence that Synnar may have left before he came to Hardcore. Once the outer rim planets were destroyed, the energy collection system activated and gathered all of the energy that was dispersed from the destruction. 

    Max learned about Dolly's death after hearing a news report about the successful test run of the collection system when the outer rims was blown to pieces because of a supposed "industrial accident". Max decides to drown his sorrow over Dolly with alcohol but his drinking binge is interrupted by Eye. Eye offers Max a truce and a chance to join Synnar. She also informs Max that Synnar has purchased fifty percent of Entreplaneteur's Inc's holdings and planet Earth is set to suffer an industrial accident just like the outer rims. Max assumes the odds are stacked against him but if Earth is threatened then maybe he can get some outside help from the Justice League. 

    After his discussion with Eye, Max heads back to his apartment and finds a package left by Dolly. The package turns out to be a recording left behind by Dolly. The recording suggests to Max that he tap into the Enigma's twin teleportation system because if Synnar teleports anywhere ever again, Max can bypass Synnar's teleportation with the ship's teleporter thereby causing Synnar's atoms to split into non-existence. 

    The next day, Max accompanies Eye and Synnar to planet Earth. When Synnar was busy talking to Eye about universal matters, Max hacks into the Enigma's teleportation system in order to set Dolly's trap. Synnar sends Max along with Eye and a band of droids to establish a cascade bomb in the North Pole. Max distracts Eye by flirting with her then he places a neuro-dampener in the back of head to knock her out. As soon as Eye was down for the count, the Justice League shows up to investigate because Superman's alarms at Fortress of Solitude went off when Max arrived.


    Mystery in Space

    Captain Comet's body was later stolen by the Eternal Light Corporation from Hardcore Station's morgue. However, the theft didn't go as planned because Eye was in charge of the morgue's security. She apprehended most of thieves but the others that escaped, disposed of  Blake' body by jettising it to the nearest sun. Afterwards, Eye went to go visit Tyrone, Comet's canine companion and tell him about what had happened at the morgue. All of the sudden, Tyrone hears a huge thud outside of his apartment. Eye goes to investigate and finds a revived Comet on Tyrone's doorstep.  

    After Comet's return from the dead, Comet began to investigate why someone would go through all the trouble to steal his corpse. First, Blake pays a visit to Star Hawkins, an old man who keeps himself well informed on operations that take place on Hardcore Station but Hawkins is killed by a trio of telepaths. Blake returned to Tyrone's apartment and asks Eye to call in every head of each financial district in Hardcore's meta-community to get answers. Blake informs the representatives of the meta-community that he is alive and Star Hawkins was murdered by three telepathic thugs. Blake brings up the pyramid insginia that he saw on the kidnappers and one of the representatives informs Blake that he must have been attacked by monks of the Eternal Light Corporation. Blake decides to infiltrate the corporation by disguising himself as one of the monks and teleporting to a covert location within the corporation.

    As for Comet, Blake enters the church undetected and discovers Deacon Dark's cloning facility where all of Dark's telepathic followers are grown. It seems the theft of Blake's corpse was not a total failure. The thieves managed to make off with some of Blake's DNA for the cloning process. Deacon Dark immediately senses Comet's presence so he and his monks go to intercede. Comet escapes the Eternal Light Corporation but only to be attacked by the League of Insect Assassins. After destroying a swarm of insectoids, Blake manages to teleport back to Tyrone’s apartment despite the injuries he sustained. Eye finds Blake being revived by Tyrone’s medical droids. Eye fills Blake in with the latest developments and Blake takes the initiative by telling Eye to start a distraction at Entreplaneteur’s Inc while he places some charges in the Eternal Light Corporation.  

    Eye's distraction worked and Blake was successful at planting the charges. Blake then he calls out to Prime-7 by taunting him that he is a mere lackey of the deacon and as a result of his anger; Prime-7 rallies every telepathic monk to converge on Comet’s location. Comet was playing a huge gambit by counting on Prime-7’s influence over Deacon Dark’s monks but it worked. The remaining battalion of monks attacked Comet but he had an explosive booby trap prepared especially for them. The monks believed they had an advantage over Comet but when he teleported, he set off the booby trap thus killing all of Deacon Dark’s telepathic monks. Blake then detonated the charges he left after Eye's brilliant distraction. Both Prime-7 and the Eternal Light Corporation were sucked into the vacuum of space.  

    Strange Adventures

    Eye participates in a series of games with Adam Strange, Captain Comet, Prince Gayvn and The Weird for cosmic balance. However, Synnar reveals that Eye is the dark soul of the Aberrant Six that will bring cosmic balance which Synnar needs in order to obtain the infinite power of a god. Synnar forces Eye to relive memories that she had blocked out. She begins to have flashbacks of her standing over the corpses of alien gorillas. Eye realizes that she was responsible for the slaughter of these simian aliens because they had perpetrated a mass genocide of her people. Eye knew what she was doing and she killed the guilty as well as the innocent with no remorse.  Eye decided to sacrifice herself in order to prevent Synnar from achieving infinite power. However, before her head explodes from a colliding comet, she kisses Captain Comet goodbye. As Comet weeps over Eye's demise, Synnar implies that Eye may return with the help of metallic orb that he places in Comet's possession.     

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