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Have A Ice Day!
Have A Ice Day!

After seeing the X-Men in action, the man known as Eye-Scream became jealous of their gifts and felt useless. He planned out his scheme to destroy the X-Men and after months of calculating and learning the inside of the X-Men's mansion by heart, he was able to sneak in. Unfortunately for him, Eye-Scream choose the day of young Katherine Pryde's (also known as Shadowcat) birthday which had Obnoxio the Clown visiting for her entertainment. Not knowing this, Eye-Scream continued with his plan and entered the Danger Room's control room during a training session. Setting the Danger Room's controls to kill the team, Eye-Scream thought he would finally have his come uppance however with the help of the Clown, Professor Xavier was able to psychically lower the temperature of the Danger Room to below freezing. This froze poor Eye-Scream solid in his form and was presumably hauled off to prison. After that, Eye-Scream was never seen or heard of again and no one knows if he lost his powers on M-Day.

Powers and Abilities

Eye-Scream possessed the power to melt himself into liquid ice cream being able to enter and exit anywhere through any small open space or make himself super hard with the help of his Refrigeration Unit costume. Presumably this meant he could withstand bullets, however, if under extreme cold/heat temperatures he was unable to move or function.

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