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The Eye Killers were created by Chris Claremont, Gene Colan and Dan Green in 1979 and first appeared in Doctor Strange # 38.

Story Arcs

Dr. Strange

The Eye Killers are demonic looking creatures that are feared by various North American Indian tribes and dubbed Stealers of Souls. Their normal appearance is an amalgam of various creatures which include the body of a snake, forelegs of mountain lions and the head of an owl. The Eye Killers would come into conflict with Stephen Strange after they kill a man named Douglas Royce who was a friend of Sara Wolfe. The Eye Killers disguised as regular human beings would reduce Royce into a pile of ashes and Stephen Strange knew he was killed by magical means. Dr. Strange and his lover Clea would trace the Eye Killer's psychic signature to their lair located at Inwood Park in Manhattan. Dr. Strange and Clea are confronted by two siblings and are attacked by bolts of black lightning. The Eye Killers call Strange a white-eyes shaman and they attempt to destroy the sorcerer supreme and Clea. The Eye Killers are shrugging off Dr. Strange's strongest spells until he uses the Eye of Agamotto to reveal their true form. The Eye Killers attempt to slither away with their amazing speed but Dr. Strange opens a large abyss underneath them and they fall in. Dr. Strange seals the pit but knows that the Eye Killers will eventually return to the earthly plane.

Uncanny X-Men

The Eye Killers would eventually return from the spirit planes and come into conflict with Storm when she temporarily lost her mutant powers. Storm and a Cheyenne shaman named Naze were in the Rockies to do a vision quest when a girl appears from the wilderness screaming for help. A massive boulder is hurled towards their direction when the girl grabs Storm by the throat. She tosses Storm a few feet away and turns her attention to Naze. Storm sees the brother and evades the black lightning beams from his eyes. Storm grabs a stick and knocks the sister away as she begins to drain the life force from Naze. The girl lands in the burning fire and reveals her true demonic form as one of the Eye Killers. The sister is wounded when she starts to burn and is struck in the back from Naze's arrow. The brother tries to come to her aid but Storm tackles him. The brother transforms into his true form and attempts to steal Storm's life-force as well. The sister Eye Killer is surrounded by flames from the burning tumbleweeds when Storm pulls out a dagger and stabs the brother Eye Killer in the throat. Storm then hurls her demonic enemy into her sister and they are consumed by flames when Naze throws another fireball at them.

Powers & Abilities

The Eye Killers are demonic beings with the body of a snake, forelegs of a mountain lion and head of the owl. They are also known as Stealer of Souls because they could steal the life-force of any human they touch. They use magic to shapeshift into human disguises and can fire powerful bolts of black lightning. They possess superhuman strength, speed, endurance, durability and resistance to injury.


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