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    Originally a student of the Jean Grey School, later a member of the reformed Generation X and currently a member of X-Factor. His entire body is covered in eyes.

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    Eye Boy is one of the many new mutants after the Phoenix Force was sent away at the end of Avengers vs X-Men. Not much is known about him from before his powers activated. But he is known to have a healthy relationship with his human parents, who sent him to the Jean Grey School at the first sign of his powers manifesting themselves.


    Eye Boy was created by Jason Aaron and Nick Bradshaw and first appeared in Wolverine & the X-Men Vol.1 issue 19 (2012).

    Major Story Arcs

    A New Mutant and Spider-Man's Class

    Eye Boy was a new mutant that entered the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, after the events of Avengers vs X-Men. There he became a student, but was often very insecure because of his appearance. Knowing from experience, he requested the name 'Eye-Boy', after being called that by other people. With an eye for detail he took up journalism and became the editor of the school paper.

    Generation X

    After the Jean Grey School was renamed the Xavier institute and relocated to New York City's Central Park, Trevor joined a group of mutants that was unofficially dubbed as the new Generation X; a group of mutants whom would not become X-Men, but instead tried to learn how to live in the 'normal' world with their supernatural powers. Eye Boy soon became friends with a number of his teammates, including Nature Girl and the new teammate Hindsight.

    X-Factor Investigations

    When Northstar reformed X-Factor on Krakoa, Eye Boy was one of the recruits.

    Powers & Abilities

    Eye-Boy possesses multiple eyes all over body, able to perceive things normal humans cannot. While he can't see through objects and buildings, Trevor can make out power signatures seeing signs of radiation, electricity flow, and other things invisible to the naked eye. This includes the boundaries and presence of magic, seeing both spells and otherworldly beings. It is unknown to what extent his eyes can perceive into the realm of supernatural due to his limited encounters. It's likely he may be able to view many things invisible or outside the spectrum of normal vision including camouflaged and hidden enemies, an example of such is being able to see Nightcrawler's create a spark in uv light that proceeds his teleportations.

    Apart from this he is also skilled at analyzing both scenery, as well as individuals intentions and body language from the slightest movement and tells. With context he was able to deduce the reason for Shark Girl's aggression, and the fact that Glob had withheld secrets from his classmates. Just in similar fashion he was able to investigate Spider Man's room and know the struggle that occurred when he had been abducted.

    Being covered in eyes, naturally he is gifted with a complete 360 degree view of his surroundings from many impossible angles. As shown in his future as an X-Man monitoring mutant activity all over the globe; he can watch multiple scenes and events, processing all incoming information simultaneously. This allows him to be completely aware of incoming threats, and react accordingly. His eyes placed over his body are most likely unaffected by dirt, irritants, and other things that would hinder one's vision given his normal interactions.

    Trevor is already a proficient marksman, favoring the use of two pistols though it has been stated that he is able to use a variety of guns and rifles. His power attributes very well to his marksmanship and helps his already impressive aim. He uses the Danger Room at the Jean Grey School every night in his training regimen. He has some skill in martial arts, thanks to his education.


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