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    Exuras is described by its inhabitants as paradise, though this perfection comes at the cost of an alternate universe of Exuras.

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    Exuras, the paradise planet of stolen timelines.

    Exuras, the home planet of Exurans like Nias Den Throden, is described as "The greatest place in the universe" by its inhabitants and a violence-free paradise by prying outsiders. Its atmosphere and buildings, as noted by Zalla, are comprised of controllable computerized molecules that are capable of scrubbing free the toxins in the atmosphere and intercepting kinetic impacts, thus preventing any fatal accidents.

    "This is not Hell. This is the price."

    This kind of perfection, though, comes at a cost. A century before, Exuras was a backwater, and it's technology and development were roughly on par with Earth. Their suffering and strife were on the same level of Earth, as well. That is, until a few clever Exuran minds discovered a way to twist destiny in their favor. They were able to sway any negative acts from ever happening in their world. These negative things still happened, though not technically on their planet. They occurred on an alternate universe of Exuras, an Exuras that closely represents Hell.

    Per Exuran custom, teenage Exurans are intended to journey through the gateway between the two world to witness the price that world pays in order to keep their world's peace. While most Exurans return to the peaceful side, many Exurans stay behind in an attempt to rectify their ancestors' mistakes. All Exurans, however, are thoroughly horrified at the state of its hellish appearance.


    After approximately a hundred years of living through Hell, a group of Exurans from the other side of the gateway formulated a plan to take back the futures they felt had been stolen from them. The leader of this group was Nias Den Throden's doppelganger of the same name. Before Kyle Rayner had closed the gateway, Nias the doppelganger managed to step through and kill Grandfather, the gatekeeper of the gateway.

    Exurans have LOTR, apparently.
    Exurans have LOTR, apparently.

    A scuffle between Kyle and the doppelganger quickly ensues, when the doppelganger reveals that he has managed to obtain the ability to manipulate Exuras' omnipresent structures (basically everything Exuras is made of). What this means for Kyle is that because of the structure's natural instinct to protect its citizens, he won't be able to stop the doppelganger with force, or else the planet would tear itself apart trying to defend the Exurans. Kyle can, however, use his powers to stop the doppelgangers from hurting others. While attempting to heal Grandfather with the power of hope, the doppelganger successfully blasts his way out of Kyle's construct, incinerating Grandfather in the process. Carol Ferris, in the meantime, is busy rounding up the doppelganger's soldiers and protecting the Exurans.

    Kyle attempts to reason with the doppelganger, to show him that the atrocities he endured did not have to be met with a violent vengeance. This incites only rage from the doppelganger, whose wife and children were lost to the other world because of this world's actions.

    While Nias' doppelganger could not be sedated, the Grandfather of the other Exuras was not so stubborn. The Templar Guardians managed to save Nias Den Throden from the wrath of his doppelganger and flew him to the late Grandfather's doppelganger. Here, Nias apologized for the actions of his world, and the Grandfather doppelganger admitted that he had never wanted a war or bloodshed but had been powerless against the forces of Nias' doppleganger and his army. In the end, Kyle successfully subdued Nias' doppelganger, and the Grandfather doppelganger closed the portal and ended the flow of soldiers.

    A New Beginning

    After the violence was ended and the battle ceased, Exuras began to heal anew. The planet itself was rebuilding from the wreckage, and the Exurans, doppelganger or not, were assisting each other as friends and fellow citizens.

    Kyle, Carol, and the Templar Guardians left the planet with a warning: Seed the technology that makes this world a paradise to the other worlds. Right your wrongs. Or we will return, and you will not like it.


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