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    Volume » Published by Archie Comics. Started in 1990.

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    A parody of Jack Kirby's comic Challengers of the Unknown, this comic cast Archie and friends as an elite group of adventurers who were dispatched to combat mad villains and explore uncharted areas. The characters were:

    Red Andrews, Soldier of Fortune (Archie)

    Wheels Cooper, Mechanic and Pilot (Betty)

    Nitro Mantle, Explosives and Demolition Expert (Reggie)

    Angel Lodge, Martial Arts Expert (Veronica)

    Squint Jones, Daredevil and Escape Artist (Jughead)

    Spike Mason, Stuntman (Moose)

    Gizmo Doiley, Inventor (Dilton)

    F/X Clayton, Illusionist (Chuck) (joined later)

    Blaze Blossom, the team's Washington contact (Cheryl)

    The Explorers' adventures were based heavily on classic comic adventures and pulp novels, and paid many homages to Jack Kirby: one adventure pitted the Explorers against the morose Doctor Gloom, an obvious spoof of Doctor Doom.


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