Experiment House

    Location » Experiment House appears in 5 issues.

    Secret Labs on earth-8 where illegal experiments with metahumans are executed.

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    The Experiment House was a secret installation were illegal research and experiment were done on unwilling human and metahuman individuals. The objetive of these investigations was to understand the mechanisms of the metahuman physiology to built and improve metahuman supersoldiers. Most of these investigations were against basic human rights, causing unnecesary pain, injuries, psychological damage and death of the "volunteers" so the authorities kept the research under wraps. The metahumans Americommando and Tracer were results from these kind of experiments.

    Among the scientists working for the experiment house were Wandjina, in his identity of Dr.Len Grant and Dr. Mortimer, secretly the Extremist member Gorgon, who acted as spy inside the laboratory. The relation between both professional was uptight and competitive, with Mortimer accusing Grant for usurp his work and Grant taking any chance to steal the spotlight.

    The Experiment House was destroyed when Americommando gave carte blanche to Monarch to retaliate against the Extremist and force a confrontation. The destruction of these and other installations however didn't cause the desired effect.

    The Experiment House is the earth-8 equivalent to Weapon-X program from the Marvel universe.


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