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    Amazonian warrior in exile who joined the Demon Knights.

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    Current Events

    After she and her teammates on the Demon Knights successfully defend the town of Little Spring from the forces of the Questing Queen, the team moves on while Madame Xanadu explains the relationship between herself and Etrigan and Jason Blood. She has not been seen since the Demon Knights book was cancelled.


    Exoristos, meaning Exiled, is an Amazon warrior traveling the lands in exile (from Themyscira ) for committing a so far unknown crime. Queen Hippolyta forgave her and offered her a chance to return to Paradise Island and live in peace but Exoristos declined after a brief argument with the queen.


    Exoristos was created Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves

    Character Evolution

    Post-Flashpoint / Earth 0

    Exoristos lives with the belief that women are every bit as capable as any man, something she is nearly alone with, and goes to length to inspire other women to be like her. However Exoristos seems to believe that all women are as capable as herself, meaning that her inspiring in Little Spring has had fatal consequences for one girl who she inspired to go scout out on the enemy, earning Exoristos a host of enemies within the walls, much to her own confusion.

    Major Story Arcs

    Thus far the character has appeared as a main stay member of the Demon Knight and has taken part in their adventures. Including taking part in the formative defence of the town of Little Spring against the Questing Queen and Mordru's hordes. Journeying to Albion to seek Merlin's murderer. Enduring torments in hell, where she brought back the Black Diamond of Eclipso. And ending up in a threeway battle against the otherworldly defenders of Camelot, the hordes of Lucifer Morningstar and those of the Questing Queen. Afterthe battle for Camelot, the Demon Knights decide to go their separate ways with Exoristos and Shining Knight leaving together, having developed feelings for one another.

    30 years later all of the Knights are reunited once more at the call of the ageing Al Jabr. Exoristos, Shining Knight and Horsewoman reveal that they have all met in more fragmented fashions over the years and faced various challenges, but that Ex and Ystin are no longer together due to Ex's unwillingness to give up the idea of returning home to Paradise Island. Al Jabr gathers the three so they can look for the other members and oppose the vampire horde led by Cain, who is aiming for Themyscira and the Amazons thanks to an Amazon guide he turned.

    First the three go to free Jason Blood from Vandal Savage, who had not forgiven Etrigan or Jason for sending him, an immortal, to Hell. Where Ex provides a distraction, by engaging Vandal in an arm-wrestling competition before knocking him out with a vicious head-butt.

    Once Jason is freed, the troupe seeks out Madam Xanadu to restore Jason's missing mouth before leaving to head off Cain. They arrive too late and are forced to travel, with Vandal and some of his men to Themyscira to battle the vampires there. At the height of the battle, the vampire Amazon turns out to be one of Ex's closest friends who had journeyed abroad to find her, and Shining Knight is willingly bitten by Cain in order to find the Holy Grail, as she/he saw in Merlin's vision ages ago.

    Powers and Abilities

    So far Exoristos has displayed superhuman strength, enough to decapitate a dragon with the use of a chain and durability high enough to survive the fire breath of one of the dragons attacking her unscathed. She also knocked out a massive dinosaur with a blunt object. She has displayed a superhuman endurance and superhuman durability.


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