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The man-slut Orchiee and his marionette side-kick Doodoo are back for another arcane adventure. This time Orchiee gets mixed up with a crooked Colonel who claims his troops needs a skilled exorcist. Turns out he has other motives for luring Orchiee into his army. The creepily kinky Colonel quickly exploits the ranking system once Orchiee is enlisted. He finds himself under the thumb of one real megalomaniac perv! Orchiee may be a nympho, but even he has standards. Meanwhile the Colonel makes sure Doodoo is out of the way by imprisoning him in an army factory that sees nothing wrong with child labor. Doodoo forms a bond with one boy in particular. We gain some insight into the mysterious marionette through the kindness he shows the child. Doodoo flashes back to when Orchiee was a boy, and relives how the unique pair was first brought together. Also in this book: The results of the 'Brainstorm a Yaoi Story' panel we held at Yaoi Con 2005. What happens when a bunch of yaoi fans put their heads together to come up with a manga? This sweet yaoi horror story, that's what!







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