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    Exitar the Exterminator is a supermassive Celestial who, under Arishem the Judge's command, destroys worlds and purifies galaxies.

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    Exitar the Exterminator and Earth
    Exitar the Exterminator and Earth

    Exitar the Exterminator is a member of the Celestials, an enigmatic group of powerful and super massive space gods. Their influence and actions having repercussions across all the known universe, including Earth. Exitar's existence was first revealed when Arishem the Judge summoned him to the world of Pangoria in order to purge the planet of a massive space pirate community whose presence on Pangoria had completely derailed their plans for the native populace's development. Believing that the two Celestials had come to simply eradicate all life on the planet, Thor tried interfering in their affairs and attempted to stop Exitar from carrying out the purification ritual.

    Thor's misguided attempts at "saving" Pangoria were thwarted by the immense Celestial, however, and the purification went as planned. Exitar used the data he had gathered on the Thunder God to create a clone. It was through this clone that Exitar was able to explain to Thor the error of his ways and warn him to never again interfere in the affairs of The Celestials. After that, Exitar banished him from Pangoria and sealed the planet off from the rest of the known universe.


    Exitar the Exterminator is a Marvel comics published character, created writer Tom DeFalco and artist Ron Frenz. Exitar the Exterminator first appears in Thor #387 - Judgment Day released in 1988. Exitar is a Celestial, the concept of the Celestials being created by legendary creator Jack Kirby for his Eternals run.

    Character Evolution

    Exitar the Exterminator is one of the few Celestials not directly created by Jack Kirby, rather instead by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. Despite that Exitar naturally maintains many of the same characteristics and visual identifiers as fellow Celestials. Kirby originally based his work off author Erich von Däniken's ideas and theories about ancient aliens and cosmic space gods that would visit the Earth and manipulate humanity as well as other alien races and species. Kirby and other writers to tackle the Celestials would pick up and carry such themes, the Celestials often manipulating species, experimenting and also passing judgment.

    Rarely appearing, Celestials appearances are usually considered fairly significant. Exitar the Exterminator is distinguished from his fellow Celestials in a few ways, the first and most obvious being his size and scale. Where as Celestials in general are awe inspiring in size each approximately surpassing over two thousand feet in height, Exitar the Exterminator measures in at around twenty thousand feet, and towers over his fellow Celestials when they have appeared in group. In many ways this is a superficial point as the Celestials themselves are capable of size changing but usually this discrepancy in depiction is also used to relay that Exitar does hold a certain significance that most of his other Celestials do not have, with Arishem the Judge, traditionally another important Celestial having to summon Exitar on special occasions. Most recently Uncanny Avenger's writer Rick Remender has revived the character after a long period of publishing dormancy, depicting Exitar in Uncanny Avengers #15, as a cliffhanger.

    Major Story Arcs

    Celestials Against the Watchers

    Sometime later, The Celestials discovered that their mortal enemies, The Watchers, had secretly engineered a weapon of sorts designed to speed up the universe's demise so that they could free themselves from their Oath of Non-Interference. Wasting no time whatsoever, Arishem the Judge summoned Exitar, assembled the Prime Celestial Host and launched a campaign against The Watchers that would finally end the war between their two races. A war based on a vast difference of opinion regarding their direct interference in the natural development of younger/lesser races that began the day the two made first contact. Exitar was able to eliminate the weapon, a gigantic artificially engineered "super-Watcher" called "The One" but was then banished from our plane of existence by The Invisible Woman. After the titanic Celestial fell, Uatu the Watcher foretold that Exitar would return in the far-distant future to finish what he started.

    Ragnarok Now

    When the children of Archangel used the axe Jarnbjorn to slay a Celestial Gardener, a planet-dwarfing future incarnation of Exitar traveled backwards in time to the year 2013 and immediately overrode Arishem the Judge's original decision to spare the planet, just as the the Apocalypse Twins had hoped he would.

    Powers and Abilities

    Exitar The Exterminator is one of the most powerful of the Celestials, outmatching most in scope of size, authority and power. Exitar the exterminator possesses incalculable levels of strength, durability, speed, intelligence and power, as well as the ability to manipulate reality, control vast levels of energy and rearrange matter up to an unknown degree. Exitar is capable of destroying planets. Like his fellow Celestials he can teleport himself, others or vast objects across vast distances.

    In the rare occurrence that they may be harmed they will regenerate near instantaneously. Capable of withstanding earth shattering blows and greater, easily withstand nuclear bomb level blasts and explosions. Celestials also possess the ability to generate energy blasts that are of an earth shattering level and higher. There is an unknown connection between the Celestials and Hyperspace. It is possible that Hyperspace is the origin of the Celestials vast powers. Exitar is known as the Exterminator and is called on often by Arishem the judge to end worlds.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 20 000' 0"
    • Weight: Varies
    • Hair: None
    • Eyes: None

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