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While still young, Derrick Rowland would discover that he was gifted with the power to transverse dimensional barriers to teleport between two locations almost instantaneously. He would be given a place on the super-powered team, the New Men, due to the fact that he possessed a Nu-Gene. During his stay with the team, Derrik would take the alias Exit, and would learn to use to his powers much more effectively, being able to provide an quick escape for his whole team. However, he would later be replaced by another hero, the Genesis Pod child, Charade.
When Diabolique, a magical enchantress, attacked the team during the events of Babewatch, Derrik was one of the many men transformed into a woman by her spells. While changed, he managed to regroup with his team to try and find a way to undo the enchantment. Derrik was later returned to normal when Diabolique was defeated.

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