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100 issues after the team was first assembled, the Exiles are launching into an all-new direction in this month’s New Exiles, but in this exciting one-shot, the spotlight settles on one piece of unfinished business from their epic run. Quentin Quire’s world is facing destruction that, by all rights, should never have happened. Sounds like a job for the Exiles…only they’re nowhere to be seen. Now, it’s up to Quentin to find the heroes, before his entire planet faces the consequences. Join him on a journey across a Multiverse of worlds saved by the original team in a tribute to the reality hopping series, written by Mike Raicht, the first editor of the original series!

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe profile written by David Wiltfong, featuring the Exiles with character map.


The Vi-Locks are revealed to have been completely wiped out on Earth-8545 (The Legacy World) thus allowing for the Human Race to start rebuilding and repopulating once more.

King Hyperion's destructive actions on Earth-4440 (during the "A Blink in Time" story arc) caused the entire world to fall into chaos shortly after his "death." With no heroes other than the mysterious Nighthawk to combat them, the supervillains run rampant in the streets, taking advantage of the destruction King Hyperion had wrought.

The "Friends of Humanity" are seen trying to capture Wild Child on Earth-295, implying that Humanity has once again become the dominant species on the planet and that the Mutants are once again being hunted down and driven underground once more.

On the alternate New Universe Earth (that had nearly been destroyed by Proteus), Jenny Swensen steals the Spitfire armor from a Military Complex with the intention of destroying it but is convinced by Quentin Quire to use it to defend the superhumans of her reality (who are being hunted down in the wake of the Proteus tragedy.)

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