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Remember when this comic was awesome?

When I first got back into reading comics, this was my baby. My favorite of all creations by Marvel in the last decade or so. Then, a man named Chris Claremont took over. Up until his run Exiles was a pure fun read, and the stories were great. Now, don't get me wrong,when Claremont first broke onto the scene and wrote X-everything he had some great story lines and some great characters and there's a hint of that still within Exiles. My main problem is that up until this current issue, Exiles was pretty bad. Everyone was consistently thinking their way through a battle. If some guy is trying to punch me in the face, I'm usually thinking, "Oh shit! I'm gonna get hit" and that little thought nugget won't move any plot forward no matter how meager the plot is. Claremont's character's have epiphanies while throwing fists with some of the meanest and baddest villains the MCU has ever witnessed.

He redeemed hismelf quite a bit in this issue, bringing back Thunderbird in the issue prior to this one helped and the storyline has picked up a little, but I don't know if I have faith in Claremont to bring this comic back to it's glory days. Anyways, it's pretty decent after all, but it should be better. One problem I had was the love affair between Spidey2099 and Gwen Stacy, and not because it's a little tripe, I have no problem with tripe. It's because I didn't know that relationship existed! Did I miss the connection these to characters made in the issue prior to this? Because I barely even remember Gwen Stacy in issue 97.

Whatever, it's an all right issue, lets just hope Claremont keeps getting better and better, because this one was a huge step up.

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