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The team may have finally found the perfect world: An Earth with no crime, hate or fear—ruled by one the most diabolical villains of the Marvel universe: Victor Von Doom! Is this some twisted façade or have the Exiles finally stumbled on to utopia? Find out in “The Dream of Two Good Men.”

Betsy is on monitor duty while the rest of the team is trying to meet the Fantastic Four of another world. Suddenly, in mid-sleep, she finds herself apparently sucked into a void of craziness. People from different realities are all around until she eventually lands on a piece of rock. She almost falls off the edge and is grabbed by a mysterious man. He mentions that it's been a while since he and his wife have had any guests.

The man takes Betsy to a picnic table where his wife is bringing a nice meal. He tells her that Creation, itself, is on its way to being destroyed. Time and Space are beginning to unravel. She asks why can't they fix things and he tells her it's not their job anymore.

In Universe 187319, the Exiles have found the Fantastic Four. Their leader, Victor Von Doom senses that they are not a threat. Blink goes to talk to She-Hulk and Mole Man to try to find a peaceful resolve. Down below, Creed senses from their body language that they aren't buying it. Mole Man attacks Blink and the others come to her aid. As they fight, Mole Man takes Blink away.

She-Hulk lands below. She is apparently savage on this world while the Hulk is smart. Creed takes her down saying she is going to help get Blink back. As Spidey and Blink arrive, they tell Creed that Mole Man got away. He made a tunnel and sealed it behind them. When he asks She-Hulk where they went, she reveals that the Mole Man is, in fact, Reed Richards. Victor tells them that they are welcome at his place and that they will help them get Blink back.

Down below, Blink awakes to find herself tied up among a bunch of underground dwellers. She notices that all the men have Ben Grimm's face. Reed says that Ben was his friend as She-Hulk is. Reed expects her to be scared but Blink simply makes joke. Reed is surprised by this because no one is allowed to make jokes after Victor supposedly erased the ability from the racial genome. He knows Blink isn't from this world. He figures she must be from a parallel world.

At Victor's place, some servants arrive and offer the Exiles some clothing. Longshot and Morph find the need for new clothing unnecessary (Longshot's costume is fine and apparently Morph doesn't wear one). Miguel notes that everything just feels "right." Creed wonders why they're even there. Everything except for Reed seems perfect. Creed starts flirting with Sue right in front of Victor. Morph tries to tell Longshot that there's about to be a problem. Turning to talk to him, he finds that Longshot has suddenly vanished.

Back at the Crystal Palace, Betsy wakes up. She is fairly certain that her experience wasn't a dream. She gets the feeling that something bad is about to go down when it seems a Kitty Pryde from some dimension appears before her...


Chris Claremont said in a forum post on comixfan forums that the mystery man and woman that Psylocke meets is supposed to be Dave Cockrum and his wife Paty , as a tribute.


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