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The team comes back from a mission that couldn't have turned out more bizarre, but this time Heather's missing and the Crystal Palace is void of any signs of life. Where did the EXILES' trusted arm-chair general disappear to? Why is the Palace empty? What new doom awaits them in the next dysfunctional dimension? Welcome new penciler Clayton (UNCANNY X-MEN) Henry and cover artist Tomm (AGENTS OF ATLAS) Coker as they join X-MEN legend Chris Claremont on a five-issue arc that will change the team forever.

The Exiles return to the Crystal Palace to find apparently empty. The lights are off and the control room is a mess. Heather cannot be found and the bugs aren't around either. Sabretooth comments that there isn't even a residual of a scent, meaning that the place has been empty for some time. Spider-Man and Morph start thinking about friends and family, wondering if they'll ever see them again. Psylocke hopes she doesn't get used to being in the Palace.

After the Exiles enjoy a good meal, Creed poses the question, where did everyone go. Having a proper question asked, an holographic Heather appears before them. They ask why she's waited so long to respond to them. It was a security protocol. Even though she could tell it was really them, she couldn't appear until they asked.

What happened was Heather thought they all died when Dimension 1720 was destroyed. She smashed the control room and started drinking non-stop. The bugs got tired of waiting for her to do something or die so they could start over, so they packed up and left. Finally Heather came to her senses. She cleaned the place up, repaired the control room to an extent and then left herself. She was done trying to save the omniverse. The Exiles ask how long have they been gone. In Earth time, they've been gone about six months.

Blink decides they need to try to find Heather to get the team back together. Morph asks to go with her. Miguel volunteers to try to fully restore the command center with "Heather's" help. Longshot decides that they'll need his luck. Psylocke figures she should get familiar with the Palace if she's going to be part of the team. Sabretooth volunteers to be her guide.

On Earth 3470, Blink and Morph arrive at Heather's place. When she answers the door, they discover that she is pregnant. With the baby due in a couple month, Heather is out of the hero business. They embrace and say their goodbyes.

Psylocke is seemingly looking over New York City. Slaymaster comes up behind her and they begin to fight. She starts fighting with her telekinesis and her natural skills when suddenly she loses control over her muscles and telekinesis. Laying on the ground, Slaymaster prepares to deliver the death blow. Her surroundings change to reveal she is back in the Crystal Palace. Sabretooth is there as she is training to be able to beat Slaymaster. He tells her that in order to beat Slaymaster, she has to be better than him and be able to deal with the unexpected. Betsy asks how can she learn to beat someone that is better than just about everyone. Sabretooth says she has the entire Crosstime to find someone, or she can deal with the fact that one day Slaymaster will find her and kill her.

In the command center, Miguel manages to get the system back online. Just then, they get an emergency alert about a world in trouble. When they arrive, they are to meet with that dimension's version of the Fantastic Four. Betsy agrees to stay in the Palace while they go to the Earth so she can get familiar with everything.

When they arrive in New York, things seem pretty much like most of the New Yorks they've been to. A couple of people are on top of a building causing people to panic. It appears to be Jennifer Walters and the Moleman. They turn around to see the Fantastic Four behind them. The team consists of Victor Von Doom, the Hulk, (and possibly) the Invisible Woman, and the Human Torch.


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