Exiles #92

    Exiles » Exiles #92 - Enemy of the Stars: Part 3 of 5 released by Marvel on May 2007.

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    An alternate Earth's existence hangs in the balance as Psylocke must face the brainwashed Exiles, who are now slaves of the Hand and on a deadly and destructive path. This world's Sue Storm and Wolverine promise to make things NOT better!

    On Earth-1720, Sue has had Blink brainwashed to be loyal to Hydra. She and Wolverine are an item and prepare to deal with Blink's friends.

    Sabretooth is fighting a brainwashed Captain America. Psylocke is still trying to adjust to this new world and watches the battle with Morph. Morph is becoming concerned over Sabretooth getting beat up by Cap. Betsy convinces him to watch and learn as Sabretooth manages to get the upper hand and knocks out Captain America. Betsy doesn't understand why she's the one that can save the fate of everything. Sabretooth tells her that the Tallus tells them they need to kill this Earth's Reed Richards, even though he's one of the "good guys."

    Slaymaster admires Morph's and Psylocke's fighting abilities and comments that he's never seen someone fight the way Psylocke has. He believes there is something truely special about her. He prepares his troop consisting of numerous Hand members and brainwashed Exile members, Blink, Longshot, and Spider-Man.

    Betsy, Sabretooth, and Morph continue to discuss their plan. Betsy says she's the one most likely to be able to kill Reed. It's what they won't be expecting. Just then they are attacked. The fight carries on until Sabretooth tells Psylocke to go and complete the mission while he and Blink fight.

    At Reed Richards' headquarters, Callisto and Nick Fury are killed by Sue as Wolverine distracts them. Inside, Reed is with Elektra. He tells her she needs to leave before Sue and Wolverine arrive. He asks her to free his daughter. As she leaves, he turns his back, knowing that Psylocke is there. Reed asks her if she's there to choose sides or to simply watch.


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