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In David Richard's universe, a couple of six people appeared in a flash. It was Weapon X. But there were some new people there. There were Spider, Storm, and Vision. Then appeared the Exiles. When the Exiles saw Weapon X, they were a little freaked out. But when Blink saw Sabretooth, it was a friendly meeting. But Sasquatch thought about Weapon X's missions like killing the Morlocks, crippling Doctor Strange, blew up the Avengers mansion, Atlantis threw war with the Inhumans and murdering Tony Stark, She thought they might be here to kill someone.

After they teamed up into a little army, Sabretooth, Blink, Nocturne, and Vision went to the little house while the Exiles and Weapon X were fighting with the Sentinels. When Blink, Sabretooth, Vision, and Nocture went inside, they a whole of kids in the little house. What Sabretooth and Blink are looking for is a boy named David Richards. His father is Franklin Richards, son of Reed and Sue from the Fantastic 4. His mother is Rachel Summers daughter of the X-Men. If he grow's up, He will free the planet. While Blink teleported everyone from the little house somewhere else, She teleported the other team members on too. After that, Sabretooth and Blink received another mission from the tallus which was unpleasant for them. They don't want to tell their teams about this because they're enjoying the moment. Their new mission is they have to kill David Richards......


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