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Exile's past is shrouded in mystery. His true age is unknown. By his own accounts, he has spent "lifetimes" battling the creatures of the darkness, traveling the world, trying to redeem himself for some crime he committed long, long ago.
At some point in the undisclosed past, Exile fought in a supernatural war during the course of which he met Helen Nightshade. Though disapproving of her methods, he came to view her as the lesser of two evils in the war for humanity's salvation. Thus, Exile entered into her service in the fight against the Warlocks of the Ashen Realms.
He was actively working with Helen in the early 1900s, when the duo attempted to recruit Elizabeth Howard to their cause. Howard, a powerful witch, was able to see Helen's true nature and refused to join them; she was shortly thereafter slain by agents of the Warlocks. Exile also was with Helen thirty years later when they tried to recruit a second witch - another failed effort. 
In 2001, Exile and Golem were sent by Helen to rescue the Valas, the last witches on Earth. She delayed their departure, causing them to arrive too late to save the younger sister, Claire. Exile was furious at Helen's manipulations and treatment of the surviving sister, Jesse. He was left bewildered when she later resurrected Claire as a ghost.
Exile drove Jesse, Claire, and Golem to the place where Jesse's latent powers would awaken - a small town in New York. When they arrived, they found the town utterly destroyed by a gigantic daemon that had been summoned by a would-be sorcerer. While Golem battled the daemon, Exile had to battle a mind-controlled Jesse. Under the wizard's manipulations, she used her witchcraft to assault Exile, who had little choice but to weather the attack. Claire - the Revenant - possessed her sister's body, freeing Exile to confront the wizard, whose neck he snapped with ease.
After Golem defeated the daemon, the group returned to Helen's home to try and free Claire from Jesse's body. There, they learned that Vigil had destroyed the Elemental Order and the warlocks were now free to return to Earth. As Exile fumed at Helen's manipulative ways, the war had begun, and it looked as if Jesse might become its latest casualty.

Powers and Abilities

Having spent decades - and perhaps centuries - as a soldier of fortune and demon slayer, Exile is well versed in numerous forms of martial arts and weaponry. He knows the secrets of hundreds of supernatural creatures; their strengths and, more importantly, their weaknesses. Perhaps his greatest asset is his ability to improvise with whatever tools are closest at hand, as when he used the Vala family's silver dining utensils to defeat a gang of attacking weres.
Exile has incredible reflexes, and may even possess a degree of supernatural strength and speed. He is not invulnerable to physical assault - he was shot through the shoulder, and was observed bandaging a bite wound from a were- but though he has been in many fights, his body shows no permanent scars, which suggests he may have some degree of regenerative ability. Though zapped several times by Ascendant's lightning bolts and fried by her fiery assault, he almost immediately recovered with no visible damage, so he may have some immunity to magic as well.
He always carries with him a pair of magical daggers than can cut through anything, including the intangible spirits of the dead.

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