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    Skurge is an Asgardian warrior and Thor's former enemy who realized he was being used by Amora, the Enchantress who also happened to be his love interest. He sacrificed himself to save countless souls from Niflheim. He was named the Executioner after fighting in a war with the Storm Giants.

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    Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner
    Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner

    Skurge was an Asgardian warrior who often teamed-up with the Enchantress against Thor. This led to his banishment from Asgard. The two would now team-up with humans to fight Thor and his allies. Finally Skurge came to the realization that the Enchantress was just using him through the years and she did not love him as he loved her. During that time Malekith trapped living human souls in Niflheim and Hela who rules refused to let the souls leave. So Balder and Thor decided to lead an army to free the souls. Skurge jumped at the chance for redemption. Skurge died taking on Hela's armies while the Asgardian army and the human souls escape her realm. Thus, earning him an honorable death and putting in Vahalla.


    Thor vs Skurge
    Thor vs Skurge

    As an Asgardian/Frost Giant hybrid, Skurge possesses enormous superhuman strength and is likely the strongest Asgardian after Thor, Odin and Hela. He has been said to be nearly as strong as Thor or Wonder Man.

    Executioner's skin and muscle tissue are superhumanly dense. Due to his half-giant heritage, The Executioner's flesh and bone are even more dense than an average Asgardians. He is able to resist ballistic impacts of up to .50 caliber machine gun fire and temperature extremes from 100 below zero to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. He is virtually inexhaustible, not tiring after any physical exertion. He is immune to all earthly disease.

    The Executioner has the visual acuity of a hunting falcon able to see at a 100 feet what a normal human can see at 10 feet.

    Weapons: The Executioner wields a double bladed axe with a three foot handle and blades two feet wide. The axe is so massive, that it weighs approximately 280lbs. With the axe he can cleave inter-dimensional passages that can transport himself and others to other realms or dimensions. He can also use the axe to open small rifts to other dimensions which permit inter-dimensional energy to pass through, such as blazing stellar fire or intense cold. The axe is also capable of destroying illusions created by magic.

    • Height: 7'2"
    • Weight: 1100 lbs
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Black

    Other Media


    • Executioner appears in The Mighty Thor portion of The Marvel Super Heroes.
    • Executioner appears in The Super Hero Squad Show, voiced by Travis Willingham. Due to the child-friendly status of the show, he is referred to only as "Skurge". Due to Enchantress' crush on Thor, Executioner attacks Thor only to be defeated.
    • Amora and Skurge in Avengers: EMH
      Amora and Skurge in Avengers: EMH
      Executioner appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. In the episode "Thor the Mighty", Executioner accompanies Enchantress when she goes to the Isle of Silence to free Loki. In the episode "Some Assembly Required," he and Enchantress attack the Avengers after Bruce Banner thwarted Enchantress' mind-control on Hulk. Both of them are defeated, but managed to get away. In the episode "Living Legend," Enchantress and Executioner appear in Arnim Zola's lab where he pins down Arnim Zola while Enchantress proposes an offer to Baron Heinrich Zemo. In the episode "Everything is Wonderful," Executioner was with Enchantress and Baron Heinrich Zemo when they approach Wonder Man for the opportunity to help them destroy the Avengers. In the episode "Gamma World" Pt. 2, he was with Baron Heinrich Zemo, Enchantress, Wonder Man, and Crimson Dynamo when they find Abomination in the desert. In the episode "Masters of Evil," he assists Baron Heinrich Zemo's title team in capturing the Avengers one by one. When Hawkeye, Black Panther, and Ant-Man free the Avengers, Executioner ends up defeated by Ant-Man before Enchantress' magic gets the Masters of Evil back to Arnim Zola's secret lab. He guards the door that Enchantress goes in where she makes contact with Loki. He is later defeated and sent to Prison 42, and is one of the prisoners who helps back against the Annihilation Wave.
    • The Executioner appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Run Pig Run!" voiced by Travis Willingham. He reappears in Part 1 of the "Contest of Champions" arc, where he, Beetle and the Abomination are sent by the Grandmaster to capture Spider-Man. In Part 4, he teams with Doctor Octopus and Absorbing Man to battle the Collector.


    Karl Urban as Skurge
    Karl Urban as Skurge
    • Executioner makes an appearance in the animated direct-to-video film Hulk vs. Thor.
    • Skurge the Executioner appears in Thor: Ragnarok, portrayed by Karl Urban. In the film, he is introduced as the new guardian of the Bifrost Bridge after Heimdall becomes a fugitive. When Hela arrives on Asgard and kills both Fandral and Volstagg, Skurge agrees to become her enforcer in exchange for his own life. Hela gifts him with an axe and names him her executioner as she conquers Asgard. Despite this, he is shown to be conflicted with this role, and during the final battle, he abandons Hela to escape with some Asgardian refugees. However, when Hela attacks the refugee ship, Skurge turns against his former master and fights off her monsters, ultimately sacrificing his life to allow the Asgardian citizens to escape.

    Video games

    Executioner in Avengers Alliance
    Executioner in Avengers Alliance
    • Executioner appears as a villain in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance voiced by Peter Lurie. He is a member of Doctor Doom's Masters of Evil. He and Enchantress will battle the heroes before Balder is freed. In battle, he attacks the player's heroes while the Enchantress casts a spell on them. He and Enchantress have special dialogue with Thor and Spider-Woman. During the dialogue with Thor, Enchantress asks Executioner if he is jealous of her love to Thor.
    • Executioner appears as a boss character in Marvel Avengers Alliance.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Bowen Designs released a statue of the Executioner.
    • Skurge was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Executioner was featured in Diamond Select's Minimates line as part of a two-pack with Enchantress.
    • Executioner was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Hasbro released an Executioner figure in a two-pack with Enchantress as part of the 3.75 inch Marvel Legends line.
    • The movie version of Executioner was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part as part of a two-pack with Hela.

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