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1. The Malay Menace (13 pages) - Featuring Black Terror by David Gabrielsen

2. Origin of the Liberator (11 pages) - Featuring Liberator by Richard Hughes

3. Ted Crane in China (8 pages) - Featuring Ted Crane by George Mandel

4. The Big Gun (1 page) - by Barry Brandon

5. The Panama Peril (6 pages) - Featuring Larry North, U.S.N. by Max Plaisted

6. The Calmite Explosive (6 pages) - Featuring Sergeant Bill King by Maurice Gutwirth

7. The Gentleman Strikes (7 pages) - Featuring Mask by Kin Platt

8. Danger Signal (1 page) - by Tex Mumford

9. The Chinese Smugglers (7 pages) - Featuring Jim Hatfield, Texas Ranger

10. "Aw, chee -- I don't feel good today!" (4 pages) - Featuring Gunboat Grey by Ray McGill


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