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  1. The Mask:  The Mask's (Black Bat) origin story.  The District Attorney has Acid thrown in his face and is blinded by one of Olly Snate's men.  He is later taken to a specialist to regain his eyesight by Carol Smith.  He then fakes his blindness as District Attorney by day and becomes the Mask by night to fight crime.  He then ends up capturing many of Snate's men.
  2. Major Mars:  The Space Emperor is turning men into apes and Major Mars in sent by the President of Earth to investigate.  On Jupiter Mars finds that the Emperor is also gathering an army of Jovians to take over the planet.  Mars puts a stop to the plans and shows the Jovians that the Emperor in not Jovian but rather a human.  This ends the uprising on the planet.
  3. Bill King:  Bill King's Lieutenant is killed and Bill takes command of his platoon.  He is captured by a Nazi patrol and later escapes with plans that will stop the British for crossing a German mine field.  He then tricks the Nazi into crossing a mine field and then detonates the field killing the advance and many Nazi troop.
  4. Jim Hatfield:  Jim investigates the murder of fellow Texas Ranger, Brant Prescott.  He uncovers a cattle thief ring and a slave mining operation.  He puts a stop to both and brings the ones responsible to justice.
  5. Payoff in Lead:  Gunner Thompson is asked by Mayor of Midtown Kurt Piersole to stop the mobs of Midtown.  The Mobs get wind of this and try to kill Gunner before he even gets of the train but Gunner is too fast for them.  Gunner is then able to fake his death, adopt a disguise and create a gang war between the two main rival mobs.
  6. Hy Hardy:  Hy Hardy films a ship sinking and then rescues many of the passages.  When back on the ship he finds his camera is stolen and then he uncovers the thieves.
  7. A Real Waddy:  Johnny Blue saves Tom Harper in a western short story.
  8. Dan Williams: Dan investigates the murder of Samuel Forbes.  He is hired by his daughter Caroline Fender.  On their way to Arizona they are continually attacked only to find that Samuel's butler John Blodgett is the Killer.  Dan captures John and finds the deeds to the mine that were the reason he was killed.
  9. Make-Believe Mickey: Mickey imagines traveling all over the world until his mother makes him dinner.
  10. Make-Believe Mickey: Mickey imagines he is a rich man until his nickle falls into a drain and brings him back to reality.
  11. Make-Believe Mickey: Mickey imagines he is a race-car driver until he crashes his soapbox car and goes back to reality.

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Just Another Tale Alright, there are a ton of Golden Age Comics I have not read.  I could not begin to scratch the surface of the comics that are out there.  All this said this may be the worse one I have ever read.  The first story the Mask (Black Bat) was by far the best story and it was pretty disjointed.  All the others were as dull as dish water.   There were eleven different stories in this comic.  The only superhero tale was the Mask story.  The others were Major Mars a sci-fi tale, Blue...

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