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Though not specifically a team intent on working together to fight evil as a group, these individuals were brought together under one roof for a series of challenges. The winner in the end of Season 1 was the hero called Feedback.

This Feedback, created by Matthew Atherton, is separate from the minor Marvel character of the same name. The "team" also consisted of Fat Momma, Major Victory, Creature, Monkey Woman, Levity, NitroG, Cell Phone Girl, Lumeria (her name appears with different spellings in different sources), the Iron Enforcer (who later became evil and was called Dark Enforcer), Ty'veculus, and very briefly Rotiart who was later revealed to be a spy and not a true contestant/hero.

Season 2 auditions are underway across the United States. It is unknown if the new heroes will be part of the Excelsior Team or if a new one will be established.

Dark Horse will be the publishing house for the WWTBAS comic book series despite Stan Lee's strong connection to Marvel.

The Other Excelsior

In the Runaways comic, Excelsior was the name of a support group for former teen superheroes. They were secretly funded by Rick Jones, who also provided them with a high-tech aircraft.

Founding members included Turbo (Mickey Musashi), Darkhawk, Julie Power, Ricochet, Phil Urich, and Chamber (who turned out to be Geoffrey Wilder in disguise). The group has since become nameless, but sometimes referred to as the [[Loners:group:40606]]


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