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New York City falls to madness! Can Captain Britain and Kitty save themselves from the Goblin Princess- A.K.A. their teammate Meggan? Meanwhile, Nightcrawler has a wedding to crash, but as whose expense?

After Phoenix's trouble last issue, she has been transformed by the inferno into some sort of plastic bride, which the demon Crotus stumbles upon. He is fed up with being ordered around and seeing phoenix in this state cheers him up tremendously. Crotus then comes up with a sinester plan to control the Phoenix by being wedded.

Meanwhile some teenagers are sucked into a "living" movie theatre in which Captain Britain is being controlled by the Goblin Princess (Meggan), And Shadowcat is doing her best to calm him down, and find out whats wrong. A fight then breaks out, and the heroes find themselves changing, both physically and mentally. Shadowcat's experience gets more weird as the reality within the movie is being constantly changed.

With our other heroes seemingly busy, Nightcrawler is eaten by a living car. Due to te Inferno many inanimate objects are coming to life. As Nightcrawler is enveloped he is mistaken for one of the demons ravaging the city. He is freed and reflects over the past events as he is interupted. Nightcrawler then moves on too a department store in which mannequins are attacking after being brought to life.

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