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1st story: "The Interpretation Of Dreams" Captain Birtain now known in the future as Britanic and his sister Psylocke try to go through their crazy brother's mind, Jamie Braddock, to bring him out of his coma. They are trying to help him but still he rebels agasint them. In the end Nightcrawler has to step in and help.

2nd story: "Black Queen Rising" Nightcrawler's girlfriend Amanda is summoned to help a spooling chamber trapped in it the Black Queen. Amanda lets the witch out and is about to be thrown into the chamber before Nightcrawler blocks Black Queen from pushing her. Amanda has to beat the witch in order to free Nightcrawler and escape the building before it is blown to pieces.

3rd story: "A Change Of Worlds" In the final story Kitty finds out details from her close friend Douglock's sad life. She tries to talk to Douglok trying to resurface his human nature but it doesn't work. Nightcrawler helps her emotionally in the end.

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