Excalibur #99

    Excalibur » Excalibur #99 - Fire With Fire released by Marvel on July 1996.

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    Shadowcat, Nightcrawler and Colossus must confront their alternate-reality counterparts…whipped into existence by Belasco, demon of the underworld!

    Pete Wisdom wonders if an old acquaintance named Scratch kidnapped Douglock and suspects if he did, that Douglock is dead. Wisdom recalls a confrontation he had with Scratch in which he mutilated Scratch for bragging about killing people in a school to get to an alien artifact. Kitty remarks that Wisdom scares her sometimes. Meggan happens upon a file about bribe money going to members of Parliament to allow Black Air to take over the W.H.O. and that the money originated from "The Earl of Bute Society". Wisdom, surprised, tells Meggan that the Earl of Bute was the 8th century founder of the Hellfire Club. They piece together that Alistaire Stuart believed the Hellfire Club was paying for bribes to politicians and that Shinobi Shaw said they were doing the same.

    In London, Scribe tells Brian Braddock that the Hellfire Club is attempting to tap an ultimate power source beneath the city using the Red Queen as a radio. Braddock reaches for a phone. Back at Muir Island, Wisdom arranges to exchange some information with his friend Jardine that will help bring down Black Air and the Hellfire Club. After he hangs up, Braddock calls and explains what Scribe told him.

    At the Hellfire Club, the Black King is angry about the Black Queen and himself not being consulted regarding the Red Queen (Margali Szardos) testing their secret project before it was ready. The Red King explains they needed to test it and that they will have computer guided hellfire as a weapon. They move on to the Blackwall, the HQ for Black Air. The Black Queen (Ms. Steed) greets the Black Air representatives Scicluna and Threadgold as her servants. Threadgold doesn't appreciate it. The Red King explains that their project involves using magic once practiced by King James as written in the Malleus Maleficarium. He walks to a podium in the center of the room and takes a sheet off the head of Douglock whose strewn out body is to serve as their conduit to their power source. The Red Queen begins the physical link and a devil appears in a crypt beneath the city.

    The next morning, Braddock wonders about returning to his role as Captain Britain. Excalibur readies their ship. Ms. Steed receives a surprising psionic message from Onslaught asking if she is ready. At the Blackwall, the Red Queen makes out with the Red King and asks him if he will die for her, he unsheathes his sword. The Red Queen holds Douglock's head to begin to siphon the power source but it overwhelms her, the Blackwall catches fire, pillars of fire erupt around the city provoking riots and looting. A Devil emerges, towering over London in flames.


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