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Captain Britain’s ex-flame Courtney Ross, kidnapped by Arcade! Brian Braddock swings into action when the woman he once loved, and may still love, is up for ransom. But Courtney proves she’s not quite the damsel in distress the team believes her to be! Excalibur enters Murderworld.

Courtney Ross, an old friend of Brian Braddock (Captain Britain) is looking over her past memories. She remembers the first time she met the elusive Captain Britain, but before long she is victim to a surprise attack from the Crazy Gang! A fight breaks out with Courtney the victor, unfortunately she is tricked by Arcade, the boss and employer of the Crazy Gang. Meanwhile, Rachel and Kitty extract money from a cash machine and head out clothes shopping. Kitty insists that Rachel stops wearing her usual outrageous clothes and something that will give the team a lower profile instead. Using her telekinesis, Rachel refigures her clothing into something more appropriate, as well as altering Kitty's clothes into a flashy dress, stating that "if Phoenix has to look like Kitty, then it's only fair that Kitty has to look like Phoenix". On paying, the two discover that the money that they had is fake, and each note contains a clue as to Courtney's captor and whereabouts. Back at the mansion, Nightcrawler is working out in a gym that he designed for himself, when he is joined by Meggan. They have a go in the gym, before collapsing on top of each other on the floor. They are just about to kiss, when Meggan's boyfriend - Captain Britain - calls to them that the girls are back. After learning of Courtney's predicament, Captain Britain and the team rush to Courntney's aid. This leaves Meggan to wonder if Captain Britain has stronger feelings toward Courtney than he is letting on...


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dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover no221 0

Not sure exactly the intention of Chris Claremont and Alan Davis for the early covers for Excalibur, but there definitely seemed to be an intention to focus on the 'zany British' sensibility. Not that I'm complaining. The covers for the most part were very funny. This is one of the best and most surreal. A mundane cleaner deconstructs a typical Marvel comic book cover of the time (and all time, for that) in a very simple, distinctive and probably very brave cover. I love it. PS Bryan Hitch's coh...

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