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On the day of the wedding of Brian Braddock (Captain Britain) and Meggan, Douglock finally awakens after being passed out for the three days since Brian's bachelor party. The dimension-hopping robot named Widget appears and immediately delivers him to Otherworld, where the ceremony is about to begin. Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) and Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) help him get dressed and get to the temple.

The seats are filled with numerous friends, allies and former adversaries of Excalibur, as well as dozens of alternate Captain Britains from across the Omniverse. Brian stands at the alter with Roma, the Omniversal Guardian, who will officiate.

Then, the wedding party enter: Douglock and Rahne, Piotr Rasputin (Colossus) and Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat), and Kurt with Brian's sister Betsy Braddock (Psylocke). The wedding march plays and Meggan proceeds up the aisle. She briefly flashes back to her talk with Brian after their parties; she had finally admitted to him that she had begun to fall for Piotr. To her relief, Brian did not get upset, but instead apologized for having left her for so long.

She meets Brian at the alter, and shortly, they are wed. The reception then begins.

Despite wanting to avoid the bouquet toss, the flowers land in Kitty's arms after Gatecrasher, Betsy, Amanda Sefton, Yap, Wolfsbane, Cerise and the Red Queen tussle to grab them. Similarly, a scuffle erupts among Warren Worthington III (Archangel), Kurt, Thug, Rory Campbell (Ahab), the Jester and the Knave when Brian tosses the garter. Kitty's little dragon, Lockheed, snatches the garter and deposits it into Piotr's hand, leaving both him and Kitty feeling awkward.

Later, dinner is served. Kurt deliver's the Best Man's speech, and the music, provided by Lila Cheney, begins. The various guests converse, and occasionally clash. Former Excalibur members, Kylun, Micromax and Cerise explain where they've been since parting from the team.

During a quiet moment, Kurt announces to Brian and Meggan that he, Piotr and Kitty have decided to return to the X-Men in America. As Brian accepts the news, Roma and Merlyn, covertly observing, express mild surprise that this turn of events was not influenced by either of them, but rather a choice Kurt, Piotr and Kitty made wholly on their own.


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