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On Muir Isle, Moira MacTaggart informs Beast via teleconference that she's taking a sabbatical. Elsewhere, Douglock tries to makes up with Rahne Sinclair who is angry at him for ruining Moira's research into the Legacy Virus.

In Israel, Mossad agent Ruth Bat-Seraph (the super-powered mutant also known as Sabra) reports to her superiors on her alliance with Excalibur.

Sabra summoned Excalibur to Israel, asking for their help in facing off against a menace that appeared to be the deceased mutant Legion. Nightcrawler, Meggan, Shadowcat and Colossus had arrived at a remote location in Israel, but were immediately put off by Sabra's intimate knowledge of their personal lives. Nonetheless, they joined forces and were soon flying aboard the Midnight Runner as Meggan used her empathic abilities to sense the activities of Legion's multiple personalities. Meanwhile, Sabra criticized Nightcrawler's plan of attack.

Meggan directed the team to Jerusalem where she sensed great psychic activity. There they found the city in chaos reigned over by the psychic manifestations of Legion's personalities: telekinetic Jack Wayne, telepathic Jamail, and pyrokinetic Cyndi; however, Legion was nowhere to be seen. Excalibur and Sabra went into action against the trio. While avoiding Cyndi's fire-blasts, Nightcrawler wondered to himself how the personalities could exist without Legion. Telepathically, Jamail responded that he was ready to pass on to the afterlife, but Jack and Cyndi were not. At that, Nightcrawler asked Meggan to project a feeling of inner peace and the three were finally ready to leave the earthly plane. Afterwards, Sabra admitted to Nightcrawler that she was impressed with Excalibur's teamwork, and gave him a disk containing information that could lead them to find the missing Professor Charles Xavier.

As the briefing concludes, Bat-Seraph's superiors ask her if Excalibur would be sympathetic to Israel's cause. She replies that she doesn't know, but she would never wish to be in the shoes of Excalibur's foes.

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