Ex Nihila

    Character » Ex Nihila appears in 43 issues.

    A female Ex Nihili. She is seen more promenantly during the events of Infinity, and even aids the Avengers in stopping the Incursions.

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    Ex Nihila is a female of the species known as the Ex Nihili. Not much is known about her origin, although it is highly likely she was created by the builders, just like other Ex Nihili. Therefore, it is very likely that Ex Nihila has lived for a very long time.


    Ex Nihila was created by Jonathan Hickman, Jimmy Cheung and Leinil Francis Yu and first appeared in Infinity issue 1 (2013) although she appeared on the cover of Avengers Vol.5 issue 17 a month before her first appearance in comics.

    Major Story Arcs


    Ex Nihila is one of the Ex Nihili whom are first ordered to follow the Builders in their quest to destroy unworthy planets, but later revolt against their former masters and become heroes. In this, Ex Nihila plays a vital role as she is often seen leading members of her species.

    Everything Ends - The Incursions

    Ex Nihila is seen with many other Ex Nihili, among others Ex Nihilo, in hoping to save a sun and with that a whole solar system. They fail, and soon learn of Abyss that the multiverse itself is on the brink of destruction. Ex Nihila and her fellow Ex Nihili's eventually decide to help the heroes of Earth in order to save the multiverse.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ex Nihila possesses powers and abilities similar to that of most Ex Nihili. Power and technology to transform the environments of entire planets and create new species. Ex Nihila is also able to shoot out energy blasts over a wide area and exhale fire. Ex Nihila possesses the ability to transform organic life, and has limited control over non sentient life, such as plants. Ex Nihila possesses superhuman levels of strength, and durability and is especially intelligent. Ex Nihilia possesses an extended physical longevity.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: NA
    • Weight: NA
    • Hair: None
    • Eyes: Solid Green

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